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that inky tittle

July 16, 2019 at 3:43pm

Artful in his depressing way, Friedrich Nietzsche fingers at a certain inky tittle on the soul of humanity. He skips around motivation, as of the epiphany everyone has where he/she realizes that there is no such thing as altruism, for at root it is all self-aggrandizement, a stroking of one's own ego, despite whatever loss he might sustain by helping another. Motivated at bottom, by our own pleasure, wherever it may come from, with only the base and bad being the honest among us, for they service it directly, without decorations or misdirection.

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The Fox TV series The Following.

April 12, 2018 at 10:00pm

I watched season 1 and 2. but forgot a lot. this was like 2013 or 2014. It ran three seasons. I missed season three, and won't give any spoilers here. James Purefoy plays an Edgar Allan Poe fanboy and college professor who happens to be a serial killer. Oh yeah, and he wrote a gothic novel, fittingly titled the Gothic Sea. It didn't sell well. Also, he has grown a small army of followers, who are all secretly murderers themselves. As the show begins, James Purefoy is in jail, and the action comes from the followers performing crimes for James Purefoy's twisted purposes. Kevin Bacon plays the hero FBI man, alcoholic, with a damaged heart, who caught Purefoy originally, and is now called back into action to figure out the new mess. Plot twists might seem convenient, but its all a very-whacked out duplicitous environment where you can't trust people you don't know REALLY WELL, because otherwise, they might be a follower.

Interestingly, Purefoy's psycho murderer recruits a lot of people by using blogs from within the prison; that much is an interesting modern twist, amongst the Poe information and plot twists.

I happened to disagree with some of the Poe info mentioned on the show. Poe was a time man, fascinated by time and using in pretty much all of his stories, usually in a codified shorthand of common vernacular, particularly the Tell-Tale Heart in which the heart is important, the rhythm of the beating heart, and the old man's milky eye. Poe goes out of his way to establish that rhythm, even saying the heart sounds faint, like "a clock enveloped in cotton." There is of course the Raven, in which the time is front and center in setting the melancholy scene, and there is the story of the clocktower, where a person is torn to pieces by the moving hands crossing the large clockface, seeming being killed by time itself. The Pit and the Pendulum depends upon time, an approaching knowing outcome, which is happily averted, but time is front and center again as the instrument of death comes ever closer, as perhaps the sufferer could almost countdown his own demise.

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Derek to Dave: "DM me, brougham!"

April 12, 2018 at 9:47pm

The bitter irony is that Derek Okra follows David Pike, but David Pike does not, in return follow Derek Okra. I saw this. And Pike is on a book tour. Or a speaking tour. Or something of that nature. People pay money, Dave stands there and talks. It's like singing for your supper. Will there be signed copies available? Or else my name is Sweet Mike Sassy Molassey.

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art is good therapy.

April 12, 2018 at 6:10pm

Derek offers a Dave apologetic to the masses.

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wholesale consequences warehouse: the three loves of Charlie Earl

July 28, 2017 at 7:38pm

First: It was a whirlwind. Dance and drinks. Few weeks in the apartment, then its off to a house, co-signed and all. Charlie Earl cuts grass outside with his self-propelled pushmow, meaning he just walks behind it with a hand touching it, like a dum-dum. Laura in upstairs bath, meaning to climb out of the tub, but slips. Her head goes through the window and is severed CLEAN-OFF by the glass. Her head rolls outside across the backyard and stops of front of Charlie Earl's self-propelled pushmow. Charlie is completely confused.

An end to confusion.

Title Card: Given over to waste.

Second love. It goes slower this time. Charlie is gun-shy about co-habitating. They have sleepovers though, and brunches in their underoos. It's good. Charlie leaves one morning in his British Racing Green MGB. She runs alongside the car. Charlie makes a game of it, grabbing hold of her hand, Helen's hand. His grip slips. She grabs hold more firmly. She trips over a root, and falls, before Charlie Earl can let go. Her body is pulled beneath the back wheel of the car.

Charlie stops the car in the next forty feet and looks back incredulously at another ruined love.

Title Card: Succumbed to Ruin.

Third Love: Angela the angelic goth girl. Things are more subdued this time. Charlie Earl just kinds of lets it happen. He's becoming jaded. He leaves her in the truck at the discount superstore while he goes inside for vitamins, underwear and a USB flashdrive. Back in the car, the engine is running and the air-conditioning is blaring, which happens to be filling the car with carbon monoxide. Angela peacefully goes to sleep, like an unwanted kitten.

Title Card: "Blessed Are The Sleepy, For They Soon Drop Off."

World goes to hell in a hand basket. The dead are coming back to life. Kristinna Lokken gets her American flag bikini. She rigid-mounts a high-caliber automatic on the back of a 2-ton flatbed truck. Finally, she puts on her open-toed heels.

Charlie Earl is consulting with his pastor, a Methodist of many years. One of Lokken's stray bullets hits the ESV in the pastor's hand and pages go EVERYWHERE. They scatter, babies. Charlie ducks until the truck is gone and goes in the sanctuary, where Angela's dead body lies in the coffin.


From the coffin.

The coffin falls and Angela crawls out and gets to her feet. From the back, we see that her dress has been cut by the mortician, to aid in dressing an immobile corpse. She has a nice lily white butt. But that's besides the point.

She stands there, pupil-less, and puts her head down, angelic, almost penitent, waiting for Charlie Earl.

He comes to her side and we pull back to see a wedding tableaux, with Charlie and the dead girl centermass and the sanctuary now full of people.

Midnight. Charlie Earl climbs off of Angela and lays down on his back. She nestles up to him and nibbles at his ear. He begins to muse how his life has finally turned around. We hear crunching suddenly.

She's eating into his brains.


-a Fatfish Zombie story.

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