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Hello, I am babetown17nomore...I just got out of hell, or my narcissistic abusive relationship a week and one day ago! It has been quite a challenge, but I would like to think I am doing a good job at being on the road to recovery!

Dec 24, 2017 at 6:42pm

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Got Away From The Monster

December 24, 2017 at 7:30pm

I am new on [sign in to see URL] got out of hell, or away from my NPD, a week and one day ago. Luckily we were only together for a [sign in to see URL] after I found out what was being done to me, I felt like I had been bamboozled, tricked, manipulated, and humiliated!! It was like I had been in a coma for a year, and the year I was with him never happened!! The day I left, him and I had our last drink [sign in to see URL] was so arrogant, so mean, and anything i said to him, he said I sounded dumb and ungrateful! I knew there was no winning him back after this, so i had given up trying! I had been there for him like no other man in my [sign in to see URL] he knew it, but because he has no real feelings, he just could careless!! He moved me 600miles closer to him in June, and after we started living together, I started seeing things that were puzzles to me, when we were in a long distance [sign in to see URL] started to get weird, he started to say and do disrespectful things, but then acted like it never happened, or blamed it on the alcohol he had been drinking! I never felt secure in the relationship, but over looked alot of things because, he was there for me, did things for me, and treated me great, at least it seemed that [sign in to see URL] always felt conflicted with him, and anytime i had any issues with him, it was all my fault, or all in my head!! I could go on and on about all I went thru, but I would just be telling a similar story that everyone else has that has been in a relationship with a NARC! Our last meeting, he told me he was going to just look for someone else to be with, and he was not interested in a relationship with me anymore. He told me it would be hard to get over him, which I told him, it would not, I got over my husband i had been with 22yrs, I would surely get over him too, he kinda laughed! Then he told me, he would not be calling me or contacting me, he would just wait for me to call [sign in to see URL] just looked at him, in disbelief that he was even speaking to me the way he was!! I went from being his everything, to this!! I immediately felt like a rag doll, he had just got tired of playing with!! I got up from the table, and walked out of the bar, hurt, but I never looked back!! Since I left him last Saturday, i moved back [sign in to see URL] has texted me a few times, called at least 4 times, sent a picture of us, and one [sign in to see URL] have not responded to any of it. If I hadn't read up on narcissist I probably would have responded by [sign in to see URL] that everything was a lie, fake, and nothing or none of his feelings were true, makes me sick, and angry, I did not deserve any of [sign in to see URL] was there for him, when he almost died in a hospital, there for him whn he couldn't work, when he needed money to keep his phone on, and his kids' phones, there for him when he was going thru his separation, and divorce, if he even really is [sign in to see URL] for him, when his wife decided she didn't want there kids, i took over being there mom/friend!! All he did in the end, the day at the bar, was show me how none of that mattered, and all I was was an energy vessel for him!!! I looked at him like he was my everything, and i he was was a demon that sucked the love, and life out of me!! I will continue to move on, no matter how discouraged I get, no matter how many times he may or may not reach out to [sign in to see URL] now, I still look for him to reach out, i don't know why, it's not like he's reaching out because he really loves [sign in to see URL] I know, over time, i will get over that too! Shrugging my shoulders, and gonna keep it moving...

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