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My Fervent Wish

November 20 at 4:11pm

When someone posts something on a group, whatever it may be, that helps further the group then I think it warrants an acknowledgement. Too many times I see posts, and for the record I'm a frequent poster to a group, where nothing is said in response to the post. The post has many views, but no comments. All this foes is hasten the demise of the group as it just makes the group look like a bunch of takers or that the group is dormant. So, for all concerned, please post a reply and if the person is asking for a comment because they genuinely want to add something to the group why wouldn't you want to comment. It just benefits the group and could very easily be something you might like.
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My World of Female Spies

October 24 at 5:43pm

I suppose it all started with those great 60's spy movies. I was always more inclined toward the Matt Helm type of movies. Bond was too structured. Both had great female co-stars but the lower budget ones just seems to have better way out plots and more me at least better looking women. Going along with that was the fashions, much more seduction, again for me, were the alternative movies. I don't think I need to list the actresses or mention the clothes, if you're a fan of those movies you already know what I'm getting at.

I've populated my imaginary universe of organizations around that model, but set in the modern world. The fashions are sometimes a throw back to those times as well and most of my gadget ideas come from endless well used hours watching those films.

However in my universe, the women do not need any help on missions. They are more than capable of handling anything given to them.

I write about erotic encounters, F/M and F/F. There is very little gun play in my stories most it revolves the the use of the most lethal weapon ever invented, the female form. Of course they are highly skilled in numerous martial arts but they are also skilled in more soft forms of lethal execution. These include the use of Yoga as a deadly art and the use of an extensive series of body knots, my homage to the Siamese Human Knot from Batman.

While the plots may be thin, the erotic action is not and the characters to change and evolve as the stories go along, there is progression for the agents I write more about and they intern affect others.

If you would like to read some I can forward them to you or you can go to the Dead in Bed forum here a read a few. If you wish to comment or ask a question or even suggest something you'd like to read, please make a comment.

Just as someone said age is just a number, so is size and age in my stories. There are stories about Plus Spies or Curve agents, older agents and what would be considered I suppose the generic younger agent. Whatever strikes my fancy regarding a look could become a story.

Cheers, Steve

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