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Updates 4/22/12

April 22, 2012 at 7:33pm

Ity's been 48 years since Dick the Bruiser won the WWA belt from Fred Blassie in LA, and 3 days later opened his and Wilbur Snyder's version of the WWA promotion in Indianapolis. On the Dick the Bruiser page,the facts and results are posted with an able assist from Steve Yohe,Clawmaster's board, and other associates. Also, who are the Ruthless 10?Just 10 people who haven't anyone named Ruth in the family? How's about an idea for a closed circuit wrestling card to be spread across five cities? Go over to the Bob Luce Clubhouse for details.Also, Tom Demarco's Report from the legendary Chicago Amphitheatre from March of 1970, with Bruiser and Moose against the notorious Chain Gang.What more could you ask for? A raise, of course. Sorry I can't help. Enjoy the site,though!

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April 7, 2012 at 11:45pm

Well,I've taken a cleaning rag and paintbrush to the site,figuratively speaking,trying to clean it up a bit,fix broken links,eliminate some needless text and the like.Also,the new Tom Demarco report is up on the message board,a double header with two Chicago shows posted.I will get the programs and tckets up soon.Also,some more photos in the memorabilia section.Hope you enjoy it,and have a great Easter holiday!

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Tom Demarco Report

March 16, 2012 at 7:29am

The first installment of the Tom DeMarco report will be Sunday,3/17, on the WWA section of the message board.Tom,for those who don't know,was a long time jobber for Bruiser.Prior to this he had been sorta a mega fan,and when he went to the shows he wrote out detailed reports of what he saw.The shows took in both Chicago and Hammond. He kept his programs and ticket stubs,and I was fortunate ebough to obtain many of these,and will share them as time permits.Great reading,and considering there is no footage of any of these events unless in someone's closet,it's the only way to time travel.I will also share the programs and ticket stubs on the photo and program page. It'll be up Sunday.

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March 12, 2012 at 0:19am

I just put up a few fanzines on the mags page,and had intended to do a more comprhensive job,but got sidetracked with other things.In the near future,I will just add a few more to the mix.

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Updates 3/10/12

March 11, 2012 at 8:44pm

Well,it's been a long haul to get this done.My PC crashed in October,and since my backup discs didn't work,I lost everything.So,I had to re download the site and fix whatever problems it had.I'm sure there are still bugs,but what the heck.
My mom had also been going down hill,and she finally passed on in January,which brings it's own set of issues.I found out that my former tag partner Sonny "Madman" Meyers passed on in February,so it's not started out a good year.
Anyway,I've added a Bruiser page to the site,plus put up some youtube links to my boys the Blackjacks on their page.There are various new results but would be hardpressed to highlite where they are.Hopefully,I'll be able to get back on a more sane schedule for this site.I hope to have a monthly clippings gallery from Indianapolis and related towns, a memorabilia gallery where I display some of my acquisitions, and of course results and the like. I hope everyone enjoys the new stuff.

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