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Nov 17, 2017 at 3:46am

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November 17, 2017 at 3:45am

Hello, just joined this site. Im sort of writing to myself, so bare with me. I am a recent psychopath free relationship survivor. We had been together 7 years, married for 4, and i have 2 beautiful little girls from him, ages 3 and 5. Well, looking back (of course) i should had known it from the start. We were just casually dating and one night out at the bar he threw my food in my face, and spit in my friends face for her standing up for me. Nevertheless, i was completely 100% positive i was in love. He was all i thought about, everything i did revolved around him. I just always thought he had an "anger problem". But ive recently discovered its much more dark and sinister than that. Its hard to sum up 7 yrs in a paragraph, but literally over 5,000 fights, (many of which were in front of my kids where i begged for him to just stop) who knows how many infidelities, im positive on 6, but then [sign in to see URL] knows, and constant verbal and physchological abuse. He would come home at 5am after no answer of my calls like eberything was [sign in to see URL] course a huge excuse [sign in to see URL] get angry/cry, but in the midst of everything i was the one who did something wrong. During 11 of these fights, he called 911, said he was scared for his life bcuz i was acting crazy, police came and arrested me for either domestic abuse or disorderly conduct. Got bailed out either by parents or friends, and he would always be sorry the next day and wrote the DA a letter claiming he was intoxicated and was just trying to cslm me down. All charges were dropped until the 11th time. The DA got sick of hearing about us i was told, and i was faced with 45 days in jail, or 2 yrs probation. Of cpurse i chose probation, since i have young children who depend on me. Anyways, my life has been a complete psychlogical rollercoaster since i met him. 3 months ago i filed for divorce, and 2 weeks ago on the court day he didnt show up, "claiming the papers he was served blew away in the wind". Now im here, in a new house with my girls, trying my hardest to ignore his im sorry's and i dont want this crap. Im over it. I took way to many of my best years and gave them to someone who didnt deserve shit. Im bitter, angry, but still miss the [sign in to see URL]???

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