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Goodness, it's time I changed my status

May 4, 2011 at 4:38am

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March 6, 2010 at 5:23am

Clicking on a user's name brings you to the user's profile page where you can also read their blog, this is a nice feature because it makes the profile page look more like a personal website rather than merely a 'profile' a very clever idea that Lesa and Thor have put together. What this means is that if you give your blog url to friends who are not Runboard members to read, they will have to become Runboard members in order to comment and that way you'll bring more members to Runboard.
It's an excellent idea. In the meantime. I don't have much other than that to say today, so I'll log off with links to where my the replies to my blog may be read and another one to allow a reply to my blog.
Thank you for reading.

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Changing Seasons

March 5, 2010 at 4:53am

They happen without you really noticing in South Africa. It's not like Europe where the daffodils pop out of the snow which is slowly turning to slush as the days get progressively warmer.
Here summer ends with rain (if we're lucky lot of it) and slightly cooler evenings and then we know winter is on it's way. The leaves start to turn brown and they begin to fall. The more European the trees, the more leaves fall and then the rain stops and everything begins to turn brown. The nights get cold enough for electric blankets in some places and in others being able to sleep without having to cool the room.
Sometimes I wish we could experience spring as wonderful and dramatic as it is the north but then I think of how long and dreary European winters are and how short the summers and I'm grateful that ours in only about six weeks of intense cold in the provinces on the Highveld and in the Western Cape that is, before and after which the temperatures are mild enough for only lightly warm clothing.
We don't have to dress for our winters the way Europeans and North Americans do either, for a few weeks, if you're going outside early in the morning, you may need an overcoat and gloves but by midday you can usually discard those. But our summers are long, from early October until late April, we can safely dress in light clothing and if it doesn't rain be assured that we'll be comfortable.
I don't know why the idea of autumn and winter struck me this morning, I guess it's that the sun is rising later and I don't feel the humidity and heat that accompanied the earlier sunrise of a few weeks ago that made me think about it, and the fact that when I opened the curtains behind my desk this morning, there are brown leaves on the surface of the pool.
To the Europeans and Americans, I'm sure you are all welcoming the signs that the long, cold, dark winter of 2009 is on it's way out and that you have, hopefully a glorious summer to look forward to.
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Runboard Blogs

March 4, 2010 at 3:52am

This has just been updated and made to look very stylish thanks to my good friend Lesa.
It looks really great.
It's a great way for all your friends to read what you're doing every day and to keep a record for yourself too. Thanks to Lesa and Runboard we can now have what is almost our own 'Facebook' type commentary.
So to start:
I went to see the new fantasy movie yesterday; Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. I liked it, but mainly because I like the actors and they are really good actors, but it's a poor cousin to the brilliance of Harry Potter.
The theme of Greek Gods thought up by the author Rick Riordon is brilliant as a counter to JK Rowling's Potter and I suspect that the idea might have come from the Harry Potter books.
There are a teacher who is a mentor, a teacher turns out to be a fury , boot camp for demi-gods as opposed to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and the gods on Olympus as opposed to the faculty of Professors in Harry Potter.
Also Percy is supposed to be a 12-year-old boy, not a 17-year-old with raging hormones for Anabeth the daughter of Athena. Anyway, even though Hollywood has made it into something spectacular, if the movie is likely to make kids want to read the books, I'm not going to complain. Kids should be reading and if fantasy does it and in the process they also learn about the Greek gods, that is even better.
So I recommend taking kids to see it and buying the books for them to read.
That's is for today. I'll be back tomorrow.

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