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Seeking adaptation into a movie/film

March 19 at 10:40pm

Ihekuna Chimezie Benedict shared a link.
5 hrs
Seeking a producer

Title: The Success Story

Genre: Drama

Status: Complete

The Success Story

Below is some other information regarding the project

What's different about it from any other success story that has been told?

The success of being a published writer (what he ever craved for since his secondary school days) as against the superficial or ''playing-to-the-gallery'' achievements he made in his academic years.


For those who have given up based on the wrong decision of endeavors....

For those who are unfulfilled in their chosen fields of interest but wished they can get back to where their hearts belong: what they actually crave for...

For those who, though didn't want to delve into what they do, but, by what's trending or parental influence, find themselves in them...

There is a glimmer of hope; it's never too late to retrace your footsteps and work in the light of success of that craving of yours

It would be the motivation; that inspiration for those who have almost given up on life; succeeding in their chosen endeavors and a good example for those who wish to get back to what they [sign in to see URL] reason it would sell

Logline: Greg is dissatisfied, despite being the best student in his department. But he experiences a turnaround when he reads a book ”Find Your Way Back” at the place where his friend and course mate, Harp, [sign in to see URL] eventually becomes what he had ever dreamt of—a Successfully Published author.


Greg is the best of all students in his department---The department of
Mechanical Engineering at the University of Perth. However, he looks
forward to a time when he ''answer his calling''...a successful
writer. Fortunately, the time comes when his secret aspiration is
[sign in to see URL] visit to his friend's place, Harp's residence. Greg's
transition from being a really ''fulfilment-absent'' young man to a
fulfilled author begins to emerge.

Though Greg is faced with discouragement, finding a publisher, he
becomes the success he presently is with the support of his family,
especially his sister, Jane, Head of Department, Dr Tim Yale and
friend, Harp.

Greg makes the journey to being a success. The thick and thin of his
journey is The Success Story

It has been showcased by two bodies. Below are the links:

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[sign in to see URL]

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