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April 29, 2018 at 6:54pm

 I can s3e that one runs clockwise and the other runs anticlickwis3 guys, just joined this site im new to boats so please bear with me, ive bought the Lady Woose tug from MMS, still reading instructions and looking at thevplans, very overwhelming at the moment, I bought the woid pack and electricset up also . But a bit puzzled at the prop shaft set up in the plans the prop shafts come out horizontal from the hull but looking at photos of the built boat they are slightly at a downward angle, which of thes two are the right set up. Also was wondering about the propellers one runs clockwise one anticlockwise, I understand that you have to run each motor on seperate esc's does that mean one motor runs in reverse all the time by switching the wires round, from the motor to esc, would appreciate any info.

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