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Shame on you brothas

April 4, 2018 at 9:14am

I am ashamed of you my young black brothers for many reasons. You stand on corners, liquor stores, in the hood with your pants showing your underwear that no one wants to see which got started by homosexuals in prison by the way. You don't stand up for your black sisters and instead you tear them down and treat them like objects. You won't stand up and be a man and be a father to the multiple children that you have out of wedlock. Instead of choosing education, you want to choose the NBA. You kill you own brothers and are worse than the kkk. You are stupid and act like a pack of animals and attack the innocent lurking around for blood. You glorify the gang lifestyle although it is the genocide of our people today. You are like a virus that refuses to go away and youngest others with your stupidity and ignorance. You are afraid to death of books, but let the judge throw the book at you all the time. Topics and crave violence and spend most of your time in a marijuana high and not seeing clearly the evils you surround yourself with because you lack knowledge of the Most High and have no wisdom. You are childlike in nature and refuse to grow up and be a man. You can't take a beating so you gang up on people that can barely defend themselves. You hide behind your gun because you are truly a coward. When are you going to learn? Do you hate yourself that much that you refuse to change? Wake up. Clearly this is only one element in our community, but I am not talking to the good brothers that do their job and stand as the head of their family.

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March for our lives or our lies?

April 4, 2018 at 8:53am

Why are people saying "never again" as a slogan for the march? Are they living in another dimension where America has suddenly become peaceful? It will happen again because the lunatics get out of a prison for murder and rape, but you will lock the so-called black man up for decades or life for drugs. Drugs that people choose to put in their bodies at that. Drugs that you, our government will never ever be able to control until they face the facts.

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Yahuah our Father

April 4, 2018 at 7:53am

Shalom Israel and to all the saints of the Most High and to those who just want to talk scripture with respect and have questions or even answers for the followers of Yahushua Ha Masciach. To those who don't know, Yahuah is the divine and correct way to pronounce the father's name and likewise Yahushua is the son. The Holy Spirit is the breath of Yahuah in which he works his wonderful miracles through ordinary folks like the disciples. According to scripture the so-called black man belongs to the tribe of Yudah (Judah) and Israel is our nation, stolen by impostors who have been ruling the world (along with their father Satan); from the Jesuits, The New World Order, Illuminati, Freemasonry (should be called slave masonry because it enslaves you spiritually, and all the other evil devices/plans they use to enslave us. This is particularly for you my brown skinned brothers. Yah bless and let's talk.

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