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July 24 at 2:26pm

Logline: Big Samson, the lovable but aggressive lion, makes four deadly enemies as he tries to integrate into a foreign country.
An SAS assault, a WWE wrestling match, kidnapping and murder attempts, a Miss World beauty contest – these are some of the adventures that Big Samson (the lovable but aggressive lion) gets mixed up in when he escapes from London Zoo to start a new life in a foreign country. In this new environment, because of his selfish behaviour, he immediately makes three deadly enemies – the Lawyer, the Butcher and the Zoo keeper – who all have legitimate grudges against Big Samson. Separately and together, they make repeated attacks and plots against the lion as they try to defeat Big Samson in Part 1 of this exciting story, which has many twists and surprises.
Although Big Samson is the main character, it is often his wife who gets them out of trouble. Her entry to a beauty contest is typical of her approach to problems.
Big Samson's son and daughter (who suffer the typical problems of teenagers as they grow up) provide the second element of the story. Their problems are dealt with sympathetically, tactfully and with a touch of humour.
The story is modern, set in the 21st century and deals with many current issues and problems: disregard of laws and conventions; violence as a means of coercion and compliance; corruption as a way of life; discrimination because of physical differences; men-women equality; addiction to drugs; growing-up adolescence problems and the generation gap; conservation and environmental issues. Furthermore, the main character is very much like Gru in Despicable Me – a lovable rogue, much liked by the present generation.
Because of the many important social issues detailed above, the film would have a wide audience appeal to people of all ages and background, not just to children

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