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January 30, 2017 at 7:43am

I do not expect anyone to come to my blog but if by chance someone makes it here I want to welcome you. This is my first attempt at this and I confess I have no eloquence in my writing. My limits and shortcomings will be rapidly noticed by the reader. I welcome the opinions of others and will readily accept due criticism. My intent is to be polite and I will not engage in argument. My interests are many and I will list a few of them. I would appreciate the readers own thoughts and opinions on any subject I blog about here. A few of them are as follows:

Bible Study
History (A Very Wide Range)
Vintage Books
Vintage Magazines
Physical Culture and Bodybuilding
Classic Movies

This is a very small list of my interests.

My first "ramblings" will pertain to a subject I posted about several years ago on the forum I am a member of. It pertains to "Sunday Blue Laws." Decades ago most retailers and places of business were closed in many localities on Sunday. In such places Sunday was reserved as a day to attend Church and families to spend time together. I always considered that to be a fine idea. As the bread winner was at work during the week Sunday was the logical time for families to enjoy time together. The movie industry began trying to overthrow such laws and of course many retailers wanted the restrictions removed for obvious reasons. The expected results happened. Families began going their separate ways on Sunday and family time together began to erode. Along with other things this has taken its toll on family life. On hindsight would it have been better to keep the Sunday Blue Laws or would the family life began unraveling anyway?

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