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Nov 24, 2016 at 10:50pm

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The Best and Worst Person of the week

July 25, 2010 at 4:16am

This weeks best person are the counter protesters who appeared at Comic Con on Thursday to counter the planed Westboro Baptist Church protest. Instead of meeting the group with anger they spoofed the so called Church with signs saying God hates Jedi, God hates Kittens, and so on. Several of the protesters appeared in costume from Bender to a member of Starfleet. Even Buddy Jesus appeared. Bravo for during what could have been a hateful display into one that was ignored.

This weeks worst people are both Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva, we've all heard the tapes by now, which is the first part this post. Mel Gibson, has no excuse for the things he has repeatedly said in those tapes, the fact this isn't the first time makes things even worse, if he isn't ashamed of himself he should be he is a man clearly in need of an intervention not for the sake of his career, there is little that can be done at this point to save that, but for the sake of his life. Oksana Grigorieva, you should have let things be, now with it looking as if the tapes were partly edited and the fact that it appears you pretty much Blackmailed Mel doesn't put you in the best light and now much of the favorable opinion you had has degraded while this doesn't make what Mel did any less wrong extortion is a crime in this country, being stupid and not knowing when to shut up isn't. The Two of you both deserve to be the worst people of the week for the crap you both have been pulling.

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The Best and Worst Person of the week

July 10, 2010 at 0:51am

This weeks best and worst people don't include the media this week.

The Best Person hasn't had the best year and despite NBC's attempts to shut him out Conan O'Brian still walked away with more Emmy Nominations then Jay Leno. NBC had decided not to submit The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brian for Emmy consideration, it was Conan himself who put his run in as host of the Tonight show up for consideration and once again he stuck it to NBC and Jay Leno. For doing so Conan O'Brian is this weeks Best Person.

This weeks worst person is once again more then one person, Republican Candidates for Governor in Wisconsin Scott Walker and Mark Newman. They have been compaining about goverment waste and cutting spending, the usual footnotes for Wisconsin Republicans. But yet they make comments about cutting things that will just waste money. Both have stated that they would end the High Speed rail system that connects Minneapolis/St. Paul, Madison, Milwaukee, and Chicago this is a system that was given Federal funds and would save people loads of money as they would no longer need to drive to Milwaukee, Chicago or the Twin Cities. This is even talk of connecting to Green Bay so if that were to happen fans could then take a train Packer and Brewer games and not have to worry about traffic. If both men are able to carry out their threat the state will have wasted over 100 Million dollars by the time they were to take office and have a half completed rail system.
Recently Mark Newman has said he would repeal the State wide Smoking ban, which took effect this week, and went on to say it wasn't a major issue and he likely wouldn't get around to it in his first 25 days. By the time he takes office the ban will have been in place for over 6 months and many would have grown used to it. In fact over the past year many bars and restaurants had made the move to go Smoke free. Repealing the ban would just waste all the money that went into implementing the ban and the money these businesses spent to make area's for smokers to go. What makes matters worse it won't matter as many cities had smoking bans in place anyway so repealing the ban does nothing.
For proposing the state throw away millions this weeks Worst People are Mark Newman and Scott Walker.

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The Week's Best and Worst Person of the week

July 4, 2010 at 1:25am

This weeks Best and worst person of the week

The Best Person has taken a lot of questions, some good, some bad, and some plain silly this week, dealt with debunked facts that continued to be thrown at her by talking heads who have no other goals but to trash the other party but through it all she has handled it with dignity, good humor and respect for the process. Elena Kagan likely won over some of the GOP, though the more extreme members of the right made their minds up the moment the seat opened.

Elena Kagan you are my Best person of the week

The Worst Person person is once again a group of people, Tabloid Media. This week you attacked Britney Spears for wearing a tank top and a pair of Boxer like shorts as she ran to the market. Britney dressed like any normal person would dress as they head out to do errands she is after all human. She isn't the first celeb you have targeted for not dressing up to head to the store to get a gallon on Milk. Sometimes people just want to be comfortable.

For not understanding that this weeks Worst Person is Tabloid Media.

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Rogue's Best and Worst People of the week

June 28, 2010 at 1:26am

This week's Best person is a whole group of people, The US Soccer Team. Sadly they lost Saturday but they still put on a good show. The Team tied England in a match that most had said they would lose. The came back from behind to win or tie almost every match. While the sport may not be as popular and truthfully may never be the team still captured the attention of a lot of people in this country.

Worst Person of the Week, again a group of people, Fox News. Really they could be the worst people of the week every week due to some of their more notable hosts and the straight out proven lies they continue to tell their viewers. Over the last week they continued to say that President Obama waited 50 days to act on the Oil disaster in the Gulf. This was proven false as the Coast Guard was on the scene with in hours. They also stated that administration turn down foreign assistance, unreasonably delayed the purchase of Maine oil booms, and dally in approving sand berm construction.

All are false and just simple research will prove it. In fact 15 foreign-flagged vessels are involved in dealing with the clean up, the Maine company (Packgen) only started making Booms after the oil spill and they failed BP tests, and the Army Corps of Engineers studied the sand berm plan as required by law and expressed concerns over proposal, they supported parts of the state plan but expressed fears that the berms would funnel the oil towards unprotected area's and into Mississippi.

#12]Fox lies and the truth

It's time Fox News did what they are supposed to do report the news not make things up.

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Rogue's Best and Worst People of the week for 6/14 to 6/18

June 19, 2010 at 0:25am

Because I was a way last week I will name two best and worst people

The Best People of the Week, ABC for pulling their ads from Perez Hilton's gossip site after posting upskirt photos of 17 year old Miley Cyrus. Perez has made his name for pulling crap like that it's about time he pays for it. So ABC you are the people of the week for doing the right thing.

Not many people would know who LaMar Queen is, but in a time where most Americans are lagging in Math skills Mr. Queen is doing his part to make algebra fun to learn. The 26 year old teacher at the Los Angeles Academy uses Hip Hop to teach his students algebra.

"Rap is what the kids respond to," Queen says. "They don't have a problem memorizing the songs at all."

His style started back in 2007 where fresh out of College he was told his class was boring and that he looked like Kanye West and was then asked to rap. Queen who had been rapping since the 7th grade took the challenge and wrote a song called 'Slope Intercept.' The rest they say is history. So Mr. Queen you are the best Person of the week for making learning fun.

The Worst People of the week.

Texas Congressman Joe Barton, with millions of gallons of Oil in the gulf of Mexico and the clean up which could cost Billions you had the gall to apologize to the very company responsible for this disaster just because we want them to pay for the clean up. You sir should apologize to the American people for taking Big Oils side instead of us. Maybe if it were Texas that had waves of Oil coming ashore it's coastline you would speak a different tone. For siding with BP you sure are the worst person of the week.

Rush Limbaugh, you are nothing more then a sad excuse for a human being. You dare mock an 11 year old girl, Malia Obama. An act that earned Glenn Beck the first Worst Person award. Do you have any class at all, what did she ever do that earns mockery from a raciest hypocrite drug abuser. To make matters worse you call the President of the United States a boy, hearkening back to when white men like you would routinely call African-American Men Boys. What makes maters even worse, you didn't stop their. Do you hate children Rush, or is it just African-American and poor kids. As if mocking 11 year old girls and calling the President a boy weren't enough you attack poor kids who rely on reduced of free lunch meals at school and go hungry in the summer. I'm sorry sir but telling kids to dumpster dive for food is not even human. You sure are my Worst thing of the week.
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