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Nov 24, 2016 at 10:50pm

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Rogue addresses the weekend's news

May 10, 2010 at 11:20pm

Kimbo Slice: Kimbo not only lost Saturday night at UFC's PPV, he was embarrassed. He looked so bad I had to wonder of he even trained for the fight. Just goes to show that maybe he was never as good as he was made out to be and when not protected as he appeared to be in, the now dead, EliteXC he really isn't good enough to be in the UFC. Maybe he'll take his skills and join Strikeforce, who took over many of EliteXC's contracts that or maybe he joins the WWE or TNA where he doesn't really need to be that good at fighting.

Paul Daley: My idiot of the weekend award goes to EX-UFC fighter Paul Daley. In the months leading to his fight with Josh Koscheck both sides talked a lot of smack but when it came time to fight Daley was on the short end losing to Koscheck by Decision. What he did after the fight was unforgivable and cost him his job. He threw a punch well after the bell, UFC President chewed him out right then and there. He would later cut him from the UFC basically stating that he didn't give a S$@% if he was one the the best welterweights in the sport.

Tiger Wood: The story that is Tiger Woods suffered another setback this weekend when he withdrew from the weekends tournament after dealing with numbness in his right arm and pain in his neck. Both point to a pinched nerve, he'll be having an MRI this week to find out what is wrong. ESPN of course seemed to try and hint that he withdrew due to his bad performance that day, he was doing horrible on the first 7 holes. Repeatedly saying that Tiger told the press he felt great, I would remind people we never even knew he had a bloody broken leg the year he won the US Open. Also because of that win there are those who wonder why he couldn't play if he could play with a broken leg. These people, Tony of ESPN's PTI for example, clearly don't know anything about the type of injury Tiger is suffering from. When you can't turn your head and have numbness in your strong arm you can not play Golf at all.

Betty White on SNL: I caught the first half hour and I have to say it was far better then most of the season's shows. From reviews it is clear that Betty White did a fantastic job as Guest Host. The shows writers still had week moments but with her experience she was able to make the material funny. She clearly ranks up there with Zach Galifianakis, Tina Fey, John Hamm and Taylor Swift as the season's best. Which is something considering how off the writing staff has been.

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What shows will be back next season

April 30, 2010 at 1:04am

The following is based on several sources including [sign in to see URL], TV by the [sign in to see URL]. For Info stop by Rogue's Holonet


Better Off Ted - Dead
The Deep End - Dead
FlashForward - Dead
Private Practice - Likely to be renewed
Romantically Challenged - Likely to be renewed
V - In Danger
Grey’s Anatomy - Likely to be renewed
Desperate Housewives - Likely to be renewed


Miami Medical - Dead
Numb3rs - In Danger
Accidentally On Purpose - In Danger
Medium - In Danger
New Adventures of Old Christine - In Danger
Ghost Whisperer - In Danger
Gary Unmarried - In Danger
Cold Case - Dead
CSI:NY - Likely to return
Rules Of Engagement - Likely to return
Criminal Minds - Likely to return
The Mentalist - Likely to return
CSI - Likely to return
CSI: Miami - Likely to return
NCIS - Likely to return


Melrose Place - Dead
Life Unexpected - In Danger
One Tree Hill - Should be renewed


Law & Order - Likely to be renewed
Mercy - Dead
Trauma - Dead
Chuck - In Danger
Heroes - In Danger
Law & Order: SVU - Likely to be renewed


Human Target - Dead
Lie To Me - In Danger
House - Likely to be renewed

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WWE releases six, TNA to sign 3?

April 22, 2010 at 10:31pm

The WWE released Kung Fu Naki, Jimmy Wang Yang, Slam Master J, Katie Lea Burchill and bombshells Mickie James and Shelton Benjamin.

Now I predict TNA to at least attempt to go after at least three of them, Katie Lea Burchill, Mickie James and Shelton Benjamin. All three are talented workers and for Mickie it would be a return as she had wrestled in TNA before joining WWE. For her the 90 day no compete clause will help her recover from two surgeries which she barely had anytime off taking part in the Wrestlemania match just a couple weeks later.
Shelton Benjamin is a top notch worker putting on some of the best matches in the WWE he is really someone who you can depend on every week to deliver an A level 5 star match.
Katie Lea Burchill has been disappointing in the WWE, but I blame the WWE for this. Katie was one of the top Female wrestlers in England and was brought into the WWE for that reason, sadly they failed to take advantage of it. TNA takes great pride in their Knockouts not only looking good but being able to put on a good match as well. As long as her skills didn't degrade under the WWE style she would be a top Knockout in the TNA.

Now I'm not saying TNA won't go after the others, Kung Fu Naki for example would be a great worker he proved that in his long service in the WWE. Jimmy Wang Yang and Slam Master J aka Jessie, may also be better known as the Son of wrestling great Terry Gordy, would both be top X Division stars.

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Who should play God on Supernatural

April 14, 2010 at 11:06pm

I've always found it kind of funny to see Mark Pellegrino who plays the God-like Jacob on Lost playing Lucifer on Supernatural. On Supernatural they have been looking for God which causes me to look back to Lost for choices.

Titus Welliver: Appeared on Supernatural already this season as War, but as the original MIB it would have been interesting to see the two actors as rivals again only this time Mark as the evil one and Titus as the good one.

Terry O'Quinn: The MIB's current form and formally John Locke. It was he in the season 5 finale of Lost that was behind Jacob's death. He also kicks Jacob's dying body into a fire. Be interesting again to see these two battle it out, have Terry as God "kill" Mark as Lucifer.

Michael Emerson: Lost's Benjamin Linus for so long the lead manipulator until Flock tricks him into killing Jacob. Having the man who killed Jacob also face off with Lucifer would be a little bit like Deju Vu

Nestor Carbonell: The never aging Richard, he was Jacob's right hand man seeing them face off would be different after all this time.

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