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How does a narcissist sees you...

September 22 at 8:39pm

The world is mine. I understand the universe has been there before my birth but all events of cosmic history have culminated in my existence. I give this world its meaning and therefore it is meaningful thanks to me. When I cease to exist the world will go down with me. I would explain to you why and how, would I consider you capable understanding this...but I dont.
Everything has a meaning. Earth and sky, clouds, water, air and stone. It all has a meaning. Physical things. Even non-physical ones has meaning. Society, history, culture, you can name it, I give meaning to all. Everything around me has a meaning. Except you - humans. You are meaningless to me. Mere functions.
Not humans, persons or people with functions.YOU ARE FUNCTIONS.
You fulfill them good I reward you in best way I see profitable to keep you functioning. You stop I punish you. If you broke down I get a new one...
I know others like you will claim they see more in human being. I dont get why. Uneducated, ignorant flock you are. Burden for this planet and failed branch in the tree of evolution. Look at your civilization - white western imitation of humanity, soon to be devoured by a horde of unwashed barbarians. Fall of Rome in prime time on your screens. And then this planet will kill you all. I hope I will be there to watch. And then and only after this it will be my time to go, together with existence itself. And you see nothing of it.
You chose screen and image instead of life. You are much more twisted than me...much more dont even begin to comprehend the evil in men. You dont see your own downfall, do you? It is your inability to spot those like me. How could you? You look into the screen....

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