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The Bridge

December 21, 2017 at 3:17pm

The Bridge

A young woman who suffers from mental illness is forced to conquer her fears when a supposed convalescence adventure takes her on a path of death-dealing occurrences.

Riya Jordan and her friends are excited about their trip to Brazil for a wildlife and forest organization before heading off to college. However, things take a turn for the worst when bodies are found mangled among their campgrounds left by two predatorial stalkers. They are forced to run and find safety, but end up helpless on a battered bridge.
While on this bridge, not only are they preyed upon by these beasts, but other deathly mishaps occur on... THE BRIDGE.

Riya and her schoolmates Karen, Ian, Aiden, and Chase are enjoying themselves at Camp Salvor O Mundo, but one by one, they show up dead or missing. Once they've realized the culprits to be two massive size jaguars, they run for safety. But their escape plan takes a turn when the only way out is a destructive bridge that is falling apart beneath their feet. Another step and they are goners!

Not only are they trapped on this bridge, the Amazonian jungle has many tricks up its sleeves to keep these visitors fighting for their lives. From fire ants to killer bees, to piranha-infested waters, the path of death is their only way out. And their main enemies, the jaguars, are enjoying it as their prey are weakening and dying off for the corpse to be left behind for their finishing.

With Riya being the last victim, rescue is a faith away when the sound of helicopters are approaching nearby. With her reaching out for them to save her in time, she finds herself falling from the bridge as the jaguars ran towards her and tipped them over in the piranha-infested waters. She feels the attack of both jaguars and piranhas tearing her apart. And as she dies slowly, she finally feels the peace that she had been fighting for years. The air and the animals of the forest stood silent, but the river held an agitated hold around the land. The darkened waters open as the figures moved above the surface, leaving a trail of blood and thews.

The stench in the air was rancid, foul, putrid, and held the smell of decay. Their wounds were absent from their minds as they dug their claws into the ground. Pressing their noses against the mud, sniffing out their next prey. Backs arched, at a pounced stance. The beastly jaguars gave each other a glance. And with a dark smile at each other, they ran full speed to Salvor O Mundo.

Toletha J. Dixon
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