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Nov 14 at 11:01pm

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Don't @ me

November 14 at 7:32pm

Don't ask, the real ones know what's up.

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November 12 at 9:15pm

I regret interrupting whatever important work you must surely be in the middle of, but there is a far more pressing matter at hand. It has come to my attention that because of our wanton carelessness with a critically dangerous compound, we are all in mortal danger.

This substance causes over 320,000 deaths per year, is the leading ingredient in pesticides, and was consumed by every known violent criminal in the days leading up to their crimes. In fact, this chemical is so lethal that 100% of those who consume it will die.

Because of our complete and utter neglect as a society, we have allowed ourselves to become complicit to the prevalence of this horrificly dangerous compound. We leave it laying around our dining places, we allow it into our homes through holes in our sinks, and we even stand by while our children consume it. Perhaps the only preventative measure we've taken is to construct our homes to divert most of it, but ambient vapor of this chemical still makes its way into our living spaces and even into our lungs.

So please, BE CAREFUL. Dihydrogen monoxide is incredibly dangerous and should be avoided at all costs.

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Chillin In Chem Wit My Homies

November 12 at 7:52pm

Ayooo, we livin it up in here. Talkin bout the absorbace of red light through a gatorade dye solution like nobody's business. Man, I tell ya, nothing gets me going like identifying possible sources of error in our interpretation of Beer's law. Yeah, that's right, we don't need beer because we have Beer's law. Oh yeah!

And you better not mess with us, cuz we finna plan the hell out of our calorimetry lab. Bouta estimate the heat lost to the calorimeter like it's 1879. Yeah, that's right. I hope you're intimidated, cuz we're frakin VIBINg rn. WOOT WOOOT

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Just Took a Shit

November 11 at 7:44pm

Just left this monster dookie in the porcelain throne. Like, I'm talkin one log of a deuce. That brown bullet just flew outta my ass and annihilated that john. Haven't left a boom-boom like that in years. 10/10 would defecate again.
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