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posticon staffordshire ghosts-a list of places

Abbey Inn Ghost, Abbey Green, Leek (StEnc)
Abbeylands Haunted House (StEnc)
Albion Pub Ghost, Longton (StEnc)
Albion Road Poltergeist, Willenhall (StEnc)
Alrewas unexplained noises (StEnc)
Alstonefield Workhouse Haunting (StEnc)
Amington Hall Unexplained Drumming Sound (StEnc)
Amphlett’s Ghost, Joseph at Horseley Hall (StEnc)
Antelope Inn Ghost, Stafford (StEnc)
Aston Hall Poltergeist, Aston-by-Stone (StEnc)
Back Lane Cottage Poltergeist, Butterton (StEnc)
Baggott’s Ghost, Esther at Moxley (murder victim) (StEnc)
Bagnall Hall Ghost - which came once a year (StEnc)
Ball Haye Jack (StEnc)
Ball Haye Road House Poltergeist (StEnc)
Bamford Factory Ghost, Uttoxeter (StEnc)
Barlaston Hall Lady Ghost StEnc
Baswich House Man-Servant (StEnc)
Baswich Paranormal Experience (StEnc)
Battalion of South Staffs Regiment at Wolverhampton (StEnc)
BBC Studio Ghost, Wolverhampton (StEnc)
Bear’s Headed-man in Wednesfield Churchyard (StEnc)
Bell Alley Young Girl, Willenhall (StEnc)
Belmont Hall Beautiful Young Woman (StEnc)
Birmingham Street Poltergeist, Wednesbury (StEnc)
Black Dog of Alton Towers see Top Hat Gentleman etc
Black Dog of Coltstone (StEnc)
Black Dog of Doctor’s Trees, Longnor (StEnc)
Black Dog of Eccleshall Castle (StEnc)
Black Dog of Hell Lane (StEnc)
Black Dog of Higg’s Lezzards, Old Hill (StEnc)
Black Dog of Oxhay Farm (StEnc)
Black Dog of Wolverhampton (StEnc)
Black Dog Phantom at Sedgley (StEnc)
Black Dog, Swinscoe see Jacobite Black Dog
Black Dog of Kidsgrove see Kidsgrove Black Dog. White Horse/ Headless Figure (StEnc)
Black Lion Inn 10 year Girl, Butterton (StEnc)
Blithfield Reservoir Man (StEnc)
Blore Hall Ghost (StEnc)
Blore Hall Pretty Young Girl (StEnc)
Blore Hall Young Stable Hand (StEnc)
Bloreheath Battlefield ghosts (StEnc)
Bloxwich Phone Box which unexplainably ring (StEnc)
Blythe Bridge Road Child, Caverswall (StEnc)
Boar Inn Soldier, Moddershall (StEnc)
Booth’s Farm Unexplained Noise (StEnc)
Bottle and Glass Inn Poltergeist, Brookmoor (StEnc)
Bowyer’s Voice, Hannah on the Roaches (StEnc)
Bradnop Ghost (StEnc)
Bradshaw’s Ghost, John (occurs in London) (StEnc)
Bride of Charnes Hall Ghost (StEnc)
Brierley Hill Grey-haired man in grey suit (StEnc)
Brindleford Hall Footsteps (StEnc)
Brough Park Man with Dog (StEnc)
Brough Park Roman Soldier (StEnc)
Broughton Birches three spirits (StEnc)
Broughton black calf boggart (StEnc)
Brownhills Market Young Female (StEnc)
Bullfield Farm Footsteps (StEnc)
Burton Children’s Ghosts, Acton Hill (StEnc)
Butchers’ Arms Poltergeist, Bramshall (StEnc)
Captain’s Cottage Ghost at Compton Hall (StEnc)
Castle Hayes Park 12 year old Girl (StEnc)
Castle Ring Weeping Girl (StEnc)
Cat of Moat House, Stafford (StEnc)
Cat Ghosts - see Phantom Cats
Cavalier Horseman of Northicote (StEnc)
Cavalier of Bearwood House (StEnc)
Cavalier of Bentley Hall (StEnc)
Cavalier of Dickie’s Gutter, Leek (StEnc)
(Laughing) Cavalier of King’s Head Inn, Lichfield (StEnc)
(Spectral) Cavalier of Eccleshall Castle (StEnc)
Chancellor’s House Ghost, Lichfield (StEnc)
Charlemont Hall Woman Portent of Death (StEnc)
Chartley Moss Huntsman and Hounds (StEnc)
Chasetown Ghost (StEnc)
Chawney’s Ghost, Thomas, at Checkley (StEnc)
Cheeseyard Ghosts, Longnor (StEnc)
Chill at Dudley Zoo (StEnc)
Chill (sudden) at Lodge Farm c1989, Ellenhall (info Geoff Edwards, 2001)
Chill of Green Dragon Inn, Walsall (BBC Website)
Chill given by bells of St Margaret’s church near Crook House, Great Barr (StEnc)
Chills of Moseley Old Hall (StEnc)
Chimney Pool Lady in White, Hilderstone StEnc)
Chuckery twisted skein of bluey white, 1994 (StEnc)
Co-op Ghost, Leek (StEnc)
Cock Low Young Boy, Warslow (StEnc)
Collins’ Ghost, Christina at Bloody Steps, Rugeley (StEnc)
Cook’s Ghost, John, at Ghost Row at Old Hednesford (StEnc)
Cooper’s spirit at Charnes, Mrs (StEnc)
Coppenhall House Four-Poster Bed Ghost (StEnc)
Corngreaves Castle Monk (probably same as that of Haden Old Hall) (StEnc)
Cornhill Ghost, Leek (StEnc)
Corpse Candles, Caverswall Castle (StEnc)
Coseley Youth Centre Caretaker (StEnc)
Coven Little White-haired Old Lady (StEnc)
Cowled figure of Clayton Lane (StEnc)
Crewbucket’s Ghost, Kit, of Kidsgrove (StEnc)
Cumberland’s Ghost at Chetwynd House, Duke of (StEnc)
Daniel’s Ghost, John in Endon churchyard (StEnc)
Dirty Boots, the ghost of the old vicarage, Clent (County Express April 25 1975)
Dog and Partridge Inn Ghost, Tutbury (StEnc)
Downes Boy Ghost of Gradbach Old Hall (StEnc)
Drayton Manor Ghosts (StEnc)
Druid’s Heath Farm Haunted House, Aldridge (StEnc)
Drummer’s Knob Boy (StEnc)
Dudley Zoo Aquarium Poltergeist Activity (StEnc)
Dudley Zoo Couple in 1930s attire (StEnc)
Dudley Zoo Couple in C18 attire (StEnc)
Dudley Zoo Elderly Woman (StEnc)
Dudley Zoo Figures Round a Fire (StEnc)
Dudley Zoo Footsteps (StEnc)
Dudley Zoo Hooded Figure (StEnc)
Dudley Zoo Horses’ Hooves (StEnc)
Dudley Zoo Pickaxe Sounds (StEnc)
Dudley Zoo Skeletal Monk (StEnc)
Dudley Zoo Small Dog (StEnc)
Dudley Zoo unexplained piano playing (StEnc)
Edith’s Ghost, Saint, Tamworth Castle (StEnc)
Elaine of Haden Old Hall (StEnc)
Elderly Lady near Royal Cottage, Upper Hulme (StEnc)
Eli, a C19 man at Yerley Hill (StEnc)
Elizabeth Stonemason’s Ghost, Hookgate (StEnc)
Emily Ghost of Alton Towers (StEnc)
Enville Lord and Lady of the Manor (StEnc)
Evil spirit that haunts Bilston Mines (StEnc)
Fag-ash Liz Willoughby Ghost at White Rose Inn, Bilston (StEnc)
Five Ways Ghost, Cradley Heath (StEnc)
Flatts Ghosts, Swinscoe (StEnc)
Ford Green Hall Ghost (StEnc)
Forebridge Hall Ghost (StEnc)
Fountain Inn Singing from the Cellar, Tipton (TB Jan 4 2001 pp18-19. Dec 19 2002 p35)
Gabriel’s Hounds, Wednesbury (StEnc)
Gabriels Hounds, Hammerwich (StEnc)
Gamekeeper’s Ghost of Cop Mere (StEnc)
Garden Street Ghost, Stafford (StEnc)
Gateham Grange unexplained piano playing (StEnc)
Gaunt’s Ghost, Josiah, Nield Bank (StEnc)
Gentle Governess of Seighford Hall (StEnc)
George and Dragon Inn Elderly Woman, Uttoxeter (StEnc)
George and Dragon Inn Man, Uttoxeter (StEnc)
George and Dragon Inn Young Boy, Uttoxeter (StEnc)
George of Noah’s Ark Inn, Tipton (StEnc)
George of the King’s Head Inn, Lichfield (StEnc)
George’s Ghost at Worston Mill (StEnc)
Gibbons’ Ghost, Edward, colliery victim of Bilston (StEnc)
Ginger-haired Ghost, Hamstall Ridware (StEnc)
Gipsy Lane Unexlained Noises, Willenhall (StEnc)
Gipsy Woman who foretells the death of Earl Talbot (StEnc)
Gladstone Pottery Ghost (StEnc)
Globe Inn Ghost, Pleck (StEnc)
Grand Theatre Grey Lady, Wolverhampton (StEnc)
Grand Theatre Lavender Perfume, Wolverhampton (StEnc)
Grange Inn Ghost, Rowley Regis (StEnc)
Grange Inn Grey Figure, Hawes Hill, Rowley Regis (TB April 3 2003 pp18-19)
Green Rock Unexplainably ringing bell (StEnc)
Grey Form at Walsall Town Hall (StEnc)
Grey Lady of Blithfield Hall (StEnc)
Grey Lady of Brocton Hall (StEnc)
Grey Lady, alias a young peasant girl murdered by a Burton Abbey monk (StEnc)
Grey Lady (Mrs Dorothy Beaumont?) of Dudley Zoo (StEnc)
Grey Lady of Eccleshall Castle (StEnc)
Grey Lady of Tubury Castle (StEnc)
Grey Lady of Cotton Hill Asylum (StEnc)
Grey Lady of Whiteheath Tower Block (StEnc)
Grey’s Ghost, Lady Jane at Whittington Inn (StEnc)
Greyhound Inn Ghosts, Bilston (StEnc)
Greyhound Inn Young Serving Maid, Warslow (StEnc)
Gypsy Girl of Dickie’s Gutter, Leek (StEnc)
Gypsy Girl of Patshull Hall (StEnc)
Haden Hill Lady on the Stairs (also see Elaine of Haden Old Hall) (StEnc)
Haden Old Hall Monk (StEnc)
Haden’s Ghost, Miss Eliza at Haden Old Hall (StEnc)
Hanch Hall Elegant Lady (StEnc)
Hanch Hall Pretty Serving Girl (StEnc)
Hanch Hall Strange Perfume (StEnc)
Hand of Glory or Arm of Glory, White Hart Inn, Caldmore (StEnc)
Hanford Haunted House (StEnc)
Hannah or Anna the Witch of Redhurst Cave (StEnc)
Harriet Ghost of Shugborough Hall (StEnc)
Hatherstone’s Ghost, Sir Hugh de at Hatherton Hall (StEnc)
Haydon House Hotel Poltergeist, Basford (ES Nov 10 2006 p14)
Headless Figure see Kidsgrove Black Dog. White Horse/ Headless Figure
Headless Ghost of Kidsgrove (StEnc)
Headless Horseman at Lud Church (StEnc)
Headless Horseman at Redhurst Cave, Wetton (StEnc)
Headless Horseman, Barbery Gutter (StEnc)
Headless Horseman, Flash (StEnc)
Headless Horseman, Warslow (StEnc)
Headless officer of Fradley Airfield (StEnc)
Headless Woman (murdered by the Hell-Lane Gang) (StEnc)
Headless Woman of the Scales Inn, Lichfield (StEnc)
Hell Floor Coppice Ghosts, Chillington (StEnc)
Hermitage Poltergeists (StEnc)
High House Figure in White, Stafford (StEnc)
Highshut tree strange sounds, near Cheadle (StEnc)
Hilderstone Hall Man Ghost (StEnc)
Hilderstone Manor House Poltergeist (StEnc)
Hill House Servant Girl, West Bromwich (StEnc)
Hill’s Ghost, Abel at Firestone Pit, Bilston (StEnc)
Hills Unexplained Nut-cracking noises, The, Bloxwich (StEnc)
Hilton Park Young Woman (StEnc)
Hoar Cross Hall Victorian Lady (StEnc)
Holbeche House Ghosts (StEnc)
Holland Ghost in Langot Lane, George (StEnc)
Hollingbury Hall Ghosts, Uttoxeter (StEnc)
Holly Bush Inn Ghosts, Salt (StEnc)
Hopton Heath Battle Ghosts (StEnc)
Horsley’s Ghost, Combes Valley (StEnc)
Horton’s Ghost at Chetwynd House, William (StEnc)
Howe’s Ghost, William at Gibbet Wood, and at Stewponey Hotel, and at Whittington
Common (StEnc)
Howls of Hounds in Lud Church (StEnc)
Hurst Hill Wood Two Brothers (StEnc)
Hutchinson’s Ghost, Mrs, at Checkley (StEnc)

you smile because iam different,i laugh because your all the same
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Re: staffordshire ghosts-a list of places

Incarcerated Maiden at Alton Towers (StEnc)
Irish Nun on Bridge, Alton (StEnc)
Jacobite Black Dog, Swinscoe (StEnc)
Jeromes’s Pit Ghost, Norton Canes (StEnc)
Jim’s Ghost, Uncle, at Silverdale (StEnc)
Jimmy of Bilston (StEnc)
John o’ Clamps Ghost in Wetton (StEnc)
Keele Service Station Ghost (StEnc)
Kelvin Road Neck-hugging Man, Leamore (StEnc)
Kidsgrove Black Dog. White Horse/ Headless Figure (StEnc)
King’s Hill Brown Dog (StEnc)
Kit-Mark of Burnt Gate Inn, Anslow (StEnc)
Knight’s Ghost at Gardners Arms Inn (N-u-L), Henry (StEnc)
Knocker’s Ghost, Tom, of Harborne (StEnc)
Lady Dudley, Himley Great Lake (StEnc)
Lady in Green at Weston Hall, Weston-on-Trent (StEnc)
Lady in Grey at Weston Hall, Weston-on-Trent (StEnc)
Lady in White at Weston Hall, Weston-on-Trent (StEnc)
Lady in White of Bridestones (StEnc)
Lady in White of Ash Hall (StEnc)
Lady in White of Eccleshall Castle (StEnc)
Lady May of The Park Inn, Tipton (StEnc)
Lady Traveller of Prospect House/ Rose Cottage, Moddershall (StEnc)
Lady Vane of Westwood Hall, Leek (StEnc)
Large orange-coloured shape at Caverswall (StEnc)
Leek C19 Man (StEnc)
Leek Ghosts of 1930s (StEnc)
Leigh Ghost at Burslem, Molly (StEnc)
Lichfield Cathedral Ghosts (StEnc)
Little Harriot’s Hayes Murdered Woman (StEnc)
Little Hay Cottage Poltergeist, Shenstone (StEnc)
Lonely Cottage Haunted near Longnor (StEnc)
Longton Hall Girl in White (StEnc)
Lower Gallery Ghost of Blitfhfield Hall (StEnc)
Lowes Cottage Poltergeist, Upper Mayfield (StEnc)
Lud’s prisoner’s cries, Lud Church (StEnc)
Lunt Disappearing Pigeon Shed (StEnc)
Lysways Hall Murdered Victim (StEnc)
Lyttleton’s Ghost, Stephen (StEnc)
Madam Vernon Ghost of The Lea, Adbaston (StEnc)
Maids - see Greyhound Inn, Warslow; Incarcerated Maiden at Alton Towers; Hanch Hall
Pretty Serving Girl; Maiden’s Well, Uttoxeter; Mary From The Diary, Haughton; Saint
Thomas Priory Maid; Tettenhall Towers Maid; White Hart Inn Elderly Maid, Caldmore.
Maiden’s Well Ghost, Uttoxeter (StEnc)
Male Ghost of Blithfield Hall (StEnc)
Man monkey boggart of Big Bridge, Woodseaves (StEnc)
Manor Farm, Leese Hill (StEnc)
Manor Hospital Ambulance, Walsall (StEnc)
Manor Hospital Poltergeist, Walsall (StEnc)
Manor Hospital Pretty Nurse, Walsall (StEnc)
Martha, the witch of Upper Tean (StEnc)
Mary From The Diary, Moat House, Haughton (StEnc)
McBane’s Ghost, Alastair, at Waterfall Lane, Rowley Regis (StEnc)
Meaykin’s Ghost, Thomas at Stone (StEnc)
Meg’s Pit Formless Bundle on Berth Hill (StEnc)
Miles Knoll Roadside Man (StEnc)
Military hospital ghostly presence at Shugborough Park (StEnc)
Mills’ Ghost, William ‘Butcher’ at Waterfalls House, Old Hill (StEnc)
Miner Ghost of Upper Tean (StEnc)
Miner of Old Meeting Road, Coseley (StEnc)
Miner of Gipsy Lane, Willenhall (StEnc)
Miner Ghost see Gibbons’ Ghost, Edward
Miser of Hermitage, Ipstones (StEnc)
Miser of Oulton Vicarage (StEnc)
Moat House Figure in White Ghost, Stafford (StEnc)
Moat House Young Girl in Shawl Ghost, Stafford (StEnc)
Moddershall Oaks Rider (StEnc)
Monk at Whittington Inn (StEnc)
Monk of Calwich Priory (StEnc)
(Young) Monk of Radmore Priory at Castle Ring (StEnc)
Monk of Hulton Abbey see Robert Ghost
Monk of Tutbury Castle (StEnc)
Moore’s Ghost, Father of Preston, at Saracen’s Head Inn, Shirleywich (StEnc)
Morgan’s Ghost, Joshua at Eagle Colliery, Old Hill (StEnc)
Moseley Old Hall Civil War Soldiers (StEnc)
Mother’s spirit transmuted into her little daughter at Bishop’s Wood (StEnc)
Murdered young woman at spinney on Ipstones Edge (StEnc)
Mycock’s Ghost, Tissington at Thor’s Cave (StEnc)
New Cannock Hospital Patient (StEnc)
New Colliers Inn Landlord, Cradley Heath (StEnc)
New Cross Hospital Boys Eating Fish and Chips (StEnc)
Newley’s Ghost, Rev John at Rockmount House, Kinver (StEnc)
Newport Street House Ghost (StEnc)
Norbury Old Manor Ghosts Ghost (StEnc)
Norgrove’s Ghost, William at Dunkirk Hall inn, Greets Green (StEnc)
Nun Walled-up at Blackladies (StEnc)
Nurse Ghost of Weston Hall, Weston-on-Trent (StEnc)
Nursing Home Ghost, Stafford (StEnc)
Oak Ghost, The, Kingswinford (StEnc)
Old Joe on Kinver Edge (StEnc)
Old Man Ghost of Blithfield Hall (StEnc)
Old Sheldon’s Bank Greyhounds, Wetton (StEnc)
Old Sid of Coseley Swimming Baths (StEnc)
Owen Road Young Girl, Willenhall (StEnc)
Owletts Hall Old Woman (StEnc)
Paget’s Close Friend Ghost, Rev Francis, Elford (StEnc)
Palmer’s Ghost, William at Shrewsbury Arms Inn, Rugeley (StEnc)
Paranormal experience at Tixall (StEnc)
Park House Farm poltergeist c1930s, Elenhall (info Geoff Edwards, 2001)
Patshull Hall Lady in White (StEnc)
Peel’s favourite horse Ghost, Sir Robert, Drayton Bassett (StEnc)
Pendeford Strange Pool (StEnc)
Penkridge Churchyard Little Girl (StEnc)
Penn Road Tall Woman and a Mother (StEnc)
Peppers Wine Bar Ghost, Wolverhampton (StEnc)
Pewit Pool with strange properties (StEnc)
Phantom Ambulance of Wolseley Bridge (StEnc)
Phantom Cat of Tamworth (StEnc)
Phantom Cat of Walford, Eccleshall (StEnc)
Phantom Coach at Dieulacres Abbey (StEnc)
Phantom Coach at Hales Hall (StEnc)
Phantom Coach at Pool Hall, Leek (StEnc)
Phantom Coach of Charnes (StEnc)
Phantom Coach of Cock Low, Leek (StEnc)
Phantom Coach of Lowe Hill, Leek (StEnc)
Phantom Coach of Manifold Valley (StEnc)
Phantom Cyclist of Weetman’s Bridge (StEnc)
Phantom Dog of Gauledge Lane (StEnc)
Phantom Hearse, Bloxwich (StEnc)
Phantom Horn of Brettell Lane (StEnc)
Phantom Horse and Rider Sounds near Heath House, Longnor (StEnc)
Phantom Horse at Norbury Manor (StEnc)
Phantom Horseman (Gideon Grove) of Himley Plantation StEnc)
Phantom horses hooves and riders at Hawk’s Green (StEnc)
Phantom Lane on Hawes Hill (StEnc)
Phantom Nudger of Leopard Inn, Burton (StEnc)
Phantom Small Dog of Gauledge Lane (StEnc)
Phantom White Cow of Milwich Lane, Hilderstone (StEnc)
Pig and Whistle Inn Ghost, Sedgley (StEnc)
Piggy Taylor’s Ghost at Rocester Green (but not a real ghost) (UAd Nov 15 2006 p25)
Pipkin of Mander Centre, Wolverhampton (StEnc)
Pitt’s Ghost, Billy, Enville (StEnc)
Police Superintendent of Tettenhall Green (StEnc)
Policeman in Red Lion Inn Cellars, Uttoxeter (StEnc)
Policeman of Grove Lane, Handsworth (StEnc)
Poltergeist see Albion Road; Aston Hall; Back Lane Cottage; Ball Haye Road House;
Birmingham Street; Bottle and Glass Inn; Butchers’ Arms; Dudley Zoo Aquarium; Haydon
House Hotel; Hermitage; Hilderstone Manor House; Little Hay Cottage; Lowes Cottage;
Manor Hospital; Park House Farm; Rectory, Hamstall Ridware; Walker’s Bingo Hall.
Popoff Ghost of Hawbush, Mrs (StEnc)
Purdey’s Ghost, Mr at Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton (StEnc)
Pyebirch Manor Hanged Man (StEnc)
Quaker Ghosts at Shallowford (StEnc)
Queen’s Head Inn Ghosts, Brierley Hill (StEnc)
Queens Hotel Bumping Noises (dead actors?), Wolverhampton (StEnc)
Radio Station Ghost at Tettenhall (StEnc)
Ranton Abbey House Officers (StEnc)
Raven Hill Elderly Lady, Brereton (StEnc)
Raven Hill Galloping Horses, Brereton (StEnc)
Rectory Ghosts, Enville (StEnc)

you smile because iam different,i laugh because your all the same
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Registered: 08-2006
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Posts: 554
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Re: staffordshire ghosts-a list of places

Rectory Little White Dog, Checkley (StEnc)
Rectory Poltergeist, Hamstall Ridware (StEnc)
Red Lion Inn Ghost, Leek (StEnc)
Red Stockings Ghost of Broughton Hall (StEnc)
Red Triumph Motorcycle Spectre at Kinver (StEnc)
Redhurst Cave Hobthrust, Wetton (StEnc)
Reek’s Ghost, Kent at Wolverhampton (StEnc)
Robert Ghost, a monk of Hulton Abbey (StEnc)
Royal Oak Inn Ghost, Abbots Bromley (StEnc)
Royal Oak Inn Ghosts, Market Place, Burton (StEnc)
Sainsbury Supermarket Ghost, Wolverhampton (StEnc)
Saint John’s Ghost, Hanley (really a pet monkey) (StEnc)
Saint Matthew’s Hospital Ghosts in the vicinity of, Burntwood (StEnc)
Saint Matthew’s Hospital Ghosts, Burntwood (StEnc)
Saint Michael and All Angels Church Lady in White, Silverdale (StEnc)
Saint Thomas Priory Maid Ghost (StEnc)
Salop Street Market Ghosts, Wolverhampton (StEnc)
Scott Road Haunted House, Little Chell (StEnc)
Seven Springs Tall Lady in Black Ghost (StEnc)
Sheppard Street House Ghost, Stoke-upon-Trent (StEnc)
Sheridan’s Ghost at Chetwynd House, Richard Brinsley (StEnc)
Shoulder of Mutton Inn Paranormal activity, Fulford (StEnc)
Silkie, Yonge’s wife ghost of Charnes Hall (StEnc)
Simpson’s Ghost, Sister at Trent House, Stone(StEnc)
Singing Margaret Ghost, Wolverhampton (StEnc)
Smith Ghost of Coach and Horses Inn, Great Haywood, Reggie (StEnc)
Smith’s Ghost, Moses, Butterton(StEnc)
Soho House Ghost (StEnc)
Sound of an Anvil at Stafford Castle (StEnc)
Sound of Horse’s hooves at Stafford Castle (StEnc)
Sparrows Forge Lane Man, Darlaston (StEnc)
Spirit Hole Bloodstained Ghost, Cradley Park (StEnc)
Spode Factory Ghost (StEnc)
Spot Gate Inn Railway Coach (StEnc)
Spread Eagle Inn Ghost, Rolleston (StEnc)
Spring Cottage Inn Ghost, Bloxwich (StEnc)
Springfields Hotel Ghost (StEnc)
Stags Head Inn Vicar’s Wife, Penn (StEnc)
Stamford Road Young Couple, Chase Terrace (StEnc)
Stamford Road Young Lady, Chase Terrace (StEnc)
Starving Rascal, Amblecote (StEnc)
Steelhouse Lane Galloping Horses (StEnc)
Step Walk Ghosts, Quixhill Ghost (StEnc)
Stoke Road Cinema Ghost, Longton (StEnc)
Swan Inn Ghost, Trent Vale (StEnc)
Swynnerton’s Ghost, Sir John at Swynnerton (TB Aug 1996 p16)
Talbot’s Ghost, Rev George at Raven Hill, Brereton (StEnc)
Tamworth Castle Haunted Staircase (StEnc)
Tamworth Castle Lady in Black Habit (? St Edith) (StEnc)
Tamworth Castle White Lady on battlements (StEnc)
Tansley’s Ghost, Lady at Uttoxeter (StEnc)
Tap House Pub Ghosts, Wolverhampton (StEnc)
Tettenhall Little Girl (StEnc)
Tettenhall Towers Ghosts (StEnc)
Tettenhall Towers Lady in Grey (StEnc)
Tettenhall Towers Maid (StEnc)
Theatre Royal paranormal activity, Hanley (StEnc)
Three persons over a bicycle near the spinney on Ipstones Edge (StEnc)
Tipton Tunnel Tipton Portal Ghost (StEnc)
Tobacco smell Ghost, Leek (StEnc)
Tom’s Ghost (drummerboy) on Leek Road, Endon (StEnc)
Top Hat Gentleman and Black Dog, Alton Towers (StEnc)
Top o’ th’ Edge Apparations, Longnor (StEnc)
Trafford’s Mistress Ghost at Swythamley Hall (StEnc)
Tubury Castle Lady in White (StEnc)
Tubury Castle Norman Knight (StEnc)
Tubury Castle Paranormal Force (StEnc)
Tudor spectre in Ghost Mile, Eccleshall (StEnc)
Turls Hill House Veiled Lady (StEnc)
Unexplained Force, Ipstones (StEnc)
Unexplained fragrance at Shugborough Hall (StEnc)
Unexplained frightening by Belmont Chapel House (StEnc)
Unexplained knocking at Shugborough Hall (StEnc)
Uttoxeter Town Hall Paranormal Activity (UAd Nov 9 2005 p9)
Views Ghost, The, Penkhull (StEnc)
Walker’s Bingo Hall Poltergeist, Walsall St, Wednesbury (StEnc)
Wallington House Murdered Young Girl, Bloxwich (StEnc)
Washpit Ghost see Bride of Charnes Hall Ghost (StEnc)
Wedding photograph tiny unexplained figure at Caverswall (StEnc)
Weetman’s Bridge ‘Hitch hiking’ Lady in Grey (StEnc)
Weetman’s Bridge Weeping Woman (StEnc)
Wellington Villa Tall Man, Willenhall (StEnc)
West Bromwich Manor House Ghost (StEnc)
West Fields Bedside Figures, Caldonlow (StEnc)
Whiston Eaves House (StEnc)
White Hart Inn Bedside Apparition, Caldmore (StEnc)
White Hart Inn Elderly Maid, Caldmore (StEnc)
White Hart Inn Young Girl, Caldmore (StEnc)
White Lion Inn Landlady, Sedgley (TB March 2 2000 p18)
White Lion Inn Soldier, Harlaston (StEnc)
White Rabbit Ghost of Clough Hall (StEnc)
White Rabbit Ghost of Etruria Grove (StEnc)
Whitgreave’s Ghost, Sir Thomas, at Burton Hall (StEnc)
Whitmore Hall Musical Spectre (Whitmore Hall visitor leaflet, 2006)
Whitmore Hall Stable Groom (Whitmore Hall visitor leaflet, 2006)
Whittington’s Ghost, Dick at Whittington Inn (StEnc)
Wilkinson’s Ghost, John at Bradley (StEnc)
Wilshaw Ghost of Barlaston, Maud Alice StEnc
Winter’s Ghost, Robert (see Lyttleton’s Ghost) (StEnc)
Wolseley Bridge Man at Dusk (StEnc)
Wolseley Bridge Quaker (StEnc)
Wolverahmpton Wanderer Supporter (StEnc)
Wolverhampton Central Library Paranormal (StEnc)
Wood Ghost at Ash Hall, Godfrey/ Geoffrey (StEnc)
Wood Street Figure, Wednesfield (StEnc)
Wrottesley Road Smoky Outline, Tettenhall (StEnc)
Wulfruna Hall Ghost, Civic Hall, Wolverhampton (StEnc)
Wychnor Young Man (StEnc)
Ye Olde London House Ghost, Eccleshall (StEnc)
Yeomanry House Lady, Lichfield (StEnc)
Yew Tree Inn supernatural force, Wall Heath (StEnc)
Young Girl about Lichfield Cathedral (StEnc)
Young Girl in a fire of the King’s Head Inn, Lichfield (StEnc)
Yoxall spot which scares horses (StEnc)
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you smile because iam different,i laugh because your all the same
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