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Posting pictures

Click on the button "Insert image" and then put the picture's URL in the popup box and click OK

To get the URL of a picture, right click on the image, go to "properties" and then copy the URL and bring it back to the message board. But the image has to be supported on the internet.

To get your pictures hosted on the internet, you can either us a free service like (there's a lot of them on the net) or have someone like me that has his own space host it for you. First go to and open an account. It's free.

A page will come up that says, "Submit Multiple Images" There you need to submit as many pics as you please from your computer by clicking on "Browse..."

Then click on your photo bucket album and it will give you the options of URL, Tag and Img

For this forum use URL and copy the picture URL and bring it over here and click "Insert Image" and put the URL in the popup box as I said above.

You may have to reduce the size of your photos if they come out too large in here. To do so, click "Edit" in your album to resize the photo.

If you are using a free Photo Service such as Image Shack, this is how to resize your photos so they aren't too large:




To add photos from your own website:

Once the photo is published on your website, right click on it and copy the URL address of the picture and come into the forum and click either "Post new topic" or "Reply" and click "Insert Image" and then put the URL in the popup.


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