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Posting Area (borders)

This is a discussion on using the CSS to define the borders in the Posting Area/Section of a Runboard skin. The original question was raised in Runboard Support here. At the time of the post I was the only skin coder around so I did many experiments to see if there was a method to totally remove all borders from the Posting Area. I have duplicated the main experiments as a series of screen shots shown below:

Reasonably speaking the CSS added in #3 should have been all that was required yet the td declaration .ak_msgform_master_table td {border:0;} appears to be totally ignored. So, while you can color the interior border lines to match a background with a CSS statement like this one:

.ak_msgform_master_table {border-color:#ffffff;}

So that it looks like the borders are gone they really aren't.


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