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Narcissistic abuse & brain injuries! TW: abuse, demons!

July 31 at 1:08pm

I’ve been in an extremely abusive relationship w a woman that has brain injuries, is narcissstic and put me under a demonic spell! I also grew up w a hyper severe and controlling narcissistic mother that used reactive abuse on me day in and day out! She made everyone believe I was the bad kid, and, of course, in the 90s and 2000s no one questioned this, as parenting was very authoritarian and I was the bad kid from hell!🙄

My ex put me under a demonic spell and gaslight me and bought me to the point of reactive abuse every day!

I just recently discovered what narcissism is and even more recently, reactive abuse!
It’s all SO SPOT on!
It’s so painful because it’s so accurate!

From not listening to me, to picking on you and gaslighting you till you explode, to having to ask sorry a billion times (I’ve said sorry more times in those 3 years w her than an average person says in their lifetime), to her getting pissed off over every little thing, we could watch a video of a cat or talk about a celebrity, and I did smth wrong!
To begging to spend quality time w her and not ever having that!
To her luring me into the the relationship when I didn’t even want her!
To her telling me I should go out and meet others, but when I did she’d get mad!
To her lying and manipulating me constantly and thinking she’s the victim!

Ever since I started dating her I had dealt w a demonic presence and voices and towards the end every time I’d try to contact her, I’d feel the presence of demons, so I’d avoid, I would also have these constant dreams of escaping things!
She isn’t and wasn’t aware she is a narcissist ! She thinks she’s good and I’m the crazy one!
The demons went away after I left her!
She was sick and had brain injuries (she said so herself, and suffered epilepsy)!
She lured me in and only told me 6 months later how sick she was!

I hate her to eternity and beyond!

W my mom I grew up as the weird and isolated kid bc she was against TV, cellphones, Barbie’s, most toys, video games, all kinds of absurd rules! She compared me daily to other kids, but I couldn’t have the things other kids have, she’d make fun at me and never listen to me, then when adhd me (which she didn’t wanna believe I have) reacted, bam, I’m the crazy one!🙄🙄🙄

I hate her too, but the torture my ex did to me in 3 and a half years murdered my soul and destroyed me to pieces, I completely stopped taking care of myself, gained weight and my body is heavily abused!
I’d re-live those 18 years w my mom over and over rather living the HELL I went thru w my ex!
I lost my voice for 1 year due to severe trauma after that, I could barley get up to pee, till my bladder was about to explode, my body is burned and destroyed!
Brain injuries are real and they can turn someone into a demon! I’ve seen it, I’ve witnessed it! When she’d have epilepsy episodes, she’s say weird stuff!
Being under a demonic spell traumatizes you TO BITS!
Worse than any type of abuse I’ve ever witnessed!

She’d think the demons were my issue and my battle and apparently those demons would tell her I deal w them bc I’m scared of them!😂😂😂 yet the moment I went away, they started to disappear and they only came to my life the moment I met her!

She thinks she’s the good one!
She’ll never be able to admit how bad she was!
She’d listen to me until I’d call her out on her BS and she’d turn it around and not listen, or yell and constantly interrupt, manipulate me and gaslight me until I reacted, then, bam, you see?! I am the crazy one!
I didn’t see or realize that at the time!
I truly was confused and didn’t know what gaslighting even meant, but she’d always tell me I would do so to her!😂

And I was always so confused by the lies she’d say and and how one thing would happen and she’d turn it around and make me seem the liar and crazy one!
This traumatized me for eternity! She lured me in and I lost my life, my passion, my old insta account, the job I was about to get! I put her on a pedistal bc she was incredibly sick and portrayed herself to be this amaizng person she wasn’t! She gave me absolutely nothing and I did all I could for her! I was alone and lonely already and she completely destroyed a mid 20s girl with potential back then!

I just hate my life to death now!

Yes it’s better! She has been blocked for 2 and a half years! I can finally talk and lost some weight and I have a job again!
I’ve grown and have some great online friends and have a psychologist!

But I hate HATE HATE my life to eternity and beyond! I have organ damage and a terribly abused body, I can’t even look at myself every day I get dressed and shower myself!

I wanted to be married w kids at 30 and in a few months I’ll be 31, I’m far from where I wanna be! I can’t take it anymore!

I’m alone… broke….

The reason why I’m making this post is, I want to find some people I can talk w that have lived similar things!

And I’m aware of narcissistic abuse now so if I find out ur a narcissist , I’ll block u instantly, as I’ve already come across a narcissist in a narc support gc on Kik!

Thank if you read this all!

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