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My experience with urban planning games

August 23 at 9:55pm

I've always been drawn to city planning and similar games, and my collection includes a variety of tittles. One of my favorite games in the genre is SimCity 5, which I purchased three years ago on Steam. Its classic approach to city planning and resource management has always appealed to me. The ability to create and manage your own city, taking into account the needs and desires of its inhabitants, makes the game addictive. Also, SimCity 5 provides many additional features and modifications that allow you to create unique cities and optimize gameplay to your preferences.

In addition, I would like to mention another exciting city-building game that I played back in the noughties - OpenTTD. This game, which is the spiritual successor of the classic Transport Tycoon Deluxe, captivated me with its ability to create and manage transportation networks. At the time, it wowed me with its graphics and addictive gameplay, and now, many years later, I still occasionally return to this magical world.

Each of these city-building games has its own strengths, and the choice depends on the player's preferences and interests. However, they all provide incredible fun in creating and managing their virtual worlds. If you love to build, plan and manage, these games are definitely worth a try!

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