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New User URGENT advice appreciated

August 30 at 0:12am

Greetings group really seeking out some advice please I'll try and keep it short and sweet.
Ok so for sometime I had intermittent horn problems and then I would lose the tik tok sound of the indicator now I permanently have an indicator tik tok sound but my horn doesn't work at all I've tried some basic checking of the connectors at the horn I think I've got the s32 model of X-Trail I'm sorry I didn't have an operation manual when I was gifted it.

Obviously I've Googled some things to find out what I might be but I'm more wondering if anybody else had a problem like this and if they did what it was and was it an expensive fix really appreciate your help guys thank you very much I'm nervous because of basically I am a sick man and I cannot work and I'm really nervous about it costing a lot of money.

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