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I'm having trouble figuring out where I left off on skin updates. I'll figure it out after my vacation.

Oct 12, 2022 at 10:49pm

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Online vs Real-Store

July 13, 2013 at 7:26pm

For those who follow me you know I have been trying to change ISP's for about 3 weeks now. It isn't easy when you live on the fringes of a city as most ISP's tend to ignore the rural scene.

This time my new ISP is a ADSL provider and to make it work I was given the option of leasing the equipment or buying my own. I chose to do the latter. This led me to the following real life experience. I was told I needed a ADSL+ plus modem that would then connect to my wireless router.

Easy enough, starting the timer I first went to the Internet to see what was available and what kind of rep the different choices had. I narrowed things down to 1 brand after about 15 minutes and then went to see how long it would take to get this fancy gadget. 2-3 days with a $5.00 shipping charge was the average.

Now, I actually drive by a Fry's computer store several times a week and the detour to shop there is less than 5 minutes. So I do this and discover that the store is monster sized with very poor signage. I hunt down a employee and ask where the adsl modems are but wouldn't you know it, this "Assistant Manager" didn't know and instead of asking someone else I was sent to the other end of the store (aisle 33B). When I got there I was told by the computer salesman that the modems were in the Ethernet section and sent back to aisle 8C... There were only two adsl modems in that section but at least one of them was a modem with a good rep (and on sale).

I went to pay for it and the only cashier open was at the opposite end of the store, about 1/2 a block from the exit door! The cashier couldn't ring up the sale because the reader wasn't accepting the sale code. Even his manager couldn't override the machine to input the price showing in 1" letters on the box! They had to go back to the Ethernet department to get a new label which was almost a block away!

My total time in the Fry's store was 24 minutes with me knowing exactly what I was looking for compared to 15 minutes online when I didn't have a clue to start! Granted I have the modem now instead of waiting for 2-3 days but the savings of $3.24 total was made up for by the aggravation of dealing with a store that was very poorly laid out and which had it's employees at the computers mercy...
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April 12, 2012 at 4:42am

I have been jinxed by Ford Motor Company. They sent me a "safety recall" on my mini-van and yesterday the torque converter went out which is exactly what the letter said was about to happen! Of course Ford doesn't have the parts to fix it so they want me to pay for the new torque converter out of my pocket then "refund" the cost sometime in June or July (I bet it is July).

If they had just kept their mouth shut I am thinking my mini-van would still be chugging along... but who knows... Image

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October 31, 2011 at 2:10am

I was looking over at Runboard Extra and saw Moosemans Sidebar in CSS - basics topic. As I was looking at the code I realized that the codes given were unlikely to produce the layout that the average user would be looking for.

So I started working on a basic sidebar layout in CSS. Well, one thing led to another and the next thing you know I had finished creating not 1, not 2 but 7 different sidebar layouts!!!

01. Fixed Width basic

02. Offset Basic

03. Fixed Width Right basic

04. Left with Banner/Logo on top

05. Right with Banner/Logo on top

06. Left sidebar, flex width message board, banner at top

07. Right sidebar, flex width message board, banner at top

I can think of two additional layout options off the top of my head but since I like the number 7 I decided to stop there... I did create screen shots of each of the layouts though to make it easier for a user to decide what will work best for their own Runboard message board community.

Enjoy Image

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Learning how much Thor has done for us

September 14, 2011 at 6:00pm

I started working on a website for my church last month. I only get a few minutes a week for this but one thing I noticed was just how different it is when working on a website from scratch and working on a Runboard. With Runboard I don't have to worry about doc types or meta tags because Runboard takes care of that for me. I still have to do the decrotive stuff with CSS but when working on a site I have to also set all the content stuff in place. I don't have to worry about that on Runboard because the messageboard is the content for the most part. I don't have to worry about the way text flows on Runboard but when doing things from scratch I have to think about all of it.

Thank you Thor for all you do to help us make our message boards just the way we like them without having to worry so much about every single detail.
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The Ten Commandments of Runboard (a fantasy)

April 17, 2011 at 4:00am

scene 1: Lesigner Girl and Erika walking into the break room when suddenly a bright light shines down and they see Pastor Rick given a tablet and a Runboard coffee cup.

scene 2: Pastor Rick, grows a beard and long hair then starts reading the tablet (in a Charlton Heston voice) saying:

The Ten Commandments of Runboard
1. I am Thor who brought thee out of the world of mismanaged subscription boards

2. Thou shalt not be forced to pay for message boards anymore

3. Thou shalt not share thy password with another

4. Remember thy Runboard and share it with others

5. Honor thy Message board and keep it active

6. Thou shalt not spam

7. Thou shalt not spread illegal content

8. Thou shalt not slander one another

9. Thou shalt not covet another boards cool design

10. When thou shalt ask for Support it shall be granted unto thee

scene 3: Light fades away, Pastor Rick returns to normal, shakes his head and says "I hate it when he does that... want some coffee?"
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