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One Month Update

October 13, 2019 at 6:20am

One month on Provera and thought I’d log an update. I added one 500 mg capsule of Pueraria Mirifica back in to my daily supplements. I’m now taking the full dose of Motilium too. Breast changes have mostly been a greater heaviness and maybe a little more fullness in my bra cup. I’m filling out my C cup pretty well where before it seemed to have some extra space here or there. In fact a couple of my bras are starting to feel snug around the underwires. I noticed my nipples are broadening back out. When I induced before they had gotten wider. I need to make the nipple ruler I found so I can track that progress.

Another interesting change is that I started a period a few days ago. It’s tracking like a normal period. It began light, got really heavy today and seems to be lightening up again. If it stops after 5 days, it really is like normal. When I started this and had run out of Pueraria Mirifica I had started bleeding. It stopped after a few days of the Provera. I’m really curious to see what happens going forward over the next few months.

The one thing I really don’t like about Provera is the irritability that seems to accompany it. Maybe it’s just been the period, but I have been cranky and crampy. Thought I’d left that behind. Now I need to buy more tampons. Good thing I still,had some from my last bout of random bleeding. A the female body, what fun!

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One Week In

September 28, 2019 at 3:16am

Been on hormone Provera for a little over a week and it’s starting to affect my mood. I’ve been very cranky the past couple days. It took me a day or two to figure that out. Sleep has been irregular too. I’m sure this will all settle out over time.

Perhaps a bit heavier feeling in the breast and maybe a bit fuller in my bra. It’s hard to say so far. Visually I don’t really see any changes.

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September 20, 2019 at 5:40am

Received the Provera and Motilium on Monday 16 September, 2019. The supply of Provera runs until March 15, 2020. That’s exactly 6 months. This week is 1 10mg Motilium 4x a day. Next week it goes to 20mg 4x a day. I’m going to add the Pueraria Murifica capsules back to my supplements. I’ll take a 500mg capsule per day. I’ll stop that on March 15 as well. I’m going to wait to order a pump and new TENS unit in the Spring. I think I’m going to get the Spectra S1 since it has a built in rechargeable battery. That will be helpful.

I found another site called Bountiful Fruits. It’s a paid membership site, but has very good information and I think will augment what I find elsewhere. I’m excited to see what changes happen to my body over the next few weeks/months.

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Beginning Again

September 2, 2019 at 11:18pm

I think I’ll use this blog as a journal for my progress inducing and the, hopefully, resulting benefits. I tried to make this happen back in 2016, I worked at it for a year with very little result and a lot of frustration. I got frustrated with my body for not cooperating and producing milk, other than a drop or two. I got frustrated with my husband for not engaging in the inducing part of the process. I desperately wanted the intimacy and felt like he was more interested in YouTube videos. I think once the milk is in, he’ll happily partake, but I’m not sure bow much effort he’ll be willing to expend in the induction phase.

So I’m starting again with several things changed. I’m healthier than before. I’m going to take a much longer lead up to the pumping stage and give my breasts time to get ready. I’ve found a source for both the hormones and the domperidone. I am going the hormone route. I think being post-menopause, it’s my best option. I’m more realistic or accepting that this is mostly a commitment on MY part. He will get involved, but it’s on me if I want it to happen. I’m OK with that. This is for me. It is also for us.

Among other things, I want to get back into my swimming habit. The exercise will help (from what I read) with estrogen dominance and prolactin. So if I get my habit re-established now, that means I have to fit the pumping schedule around it in the morning. I swim early, which will mean an early morning pumping session.

The Plan:

Order both Domperidone and a hormone. The question is which hormone? The original N-G Menopause Protocol indicates the same BC as for the Regular Protocol. Then there is a note about using Provera 2.5 instead.

This is confusing. I honestly don’t think that short-term use (such as months rather than years) of a regular birth control pill will lead to cancer. I’ve never used one in the past, so I have no history there and I’ve never been a smoker which is the number one risk with the birth control pills.

My plan is to order the hormones and start taking them when they arrive (probably late September 2019). I plan to take them through the winter months, mimicking the time frame of a pregnancy. The last time I was on Provera for 30 days, which was probably way too short a time. I tried to make it happen fast. This time, I’m going slow.

So, if I plan for a 8-9 month breast preparation. I can do a “Nursing Vaction” in May 2020, let’s say around the end (Memorial Day week maybe?), I can start focused pumping that week. Maybe I can get my husband to take the week off too. That wouldn’t be hard, since he often takes extra days that week. It would be really nice to go away somewhere together. Spend a sexy week together.

After that, it would be getting a schedule of pumping established. If that week doesn’t get the milk flowing and I need to continue stimulating, I have my TENS unit that I’ve used for my back that I could use during the workday.


I’ve been taking Pueraria Muerifica for the past few years for menopause symptoms. I take 2 500mg capsules a day. I don’t know that it has had any influence on my breast size, which it supposedly would, but it helps with vaginal dryness, hot flashes and metal fog. So I wonder, do I continue taking this when I get my hormone pills? Do I taper off? I’m getting to the end of a bottle, so I may not re-order. I need more information.

I have some progesterone cream, which I thought about using until I get the hormones. It will take at least a couple weeks for them to arrive. I think I will start using the recommended dosage and see if I notice anything different physically.

It is complicated, this manipulating of a body’s processes. Although we do it all the time with other things like caffeine and medicines. Hormones just get that much trickier.

Other questions I have are how do things like my anti-depressant affect all this? I take Buproprion. It does have an effect on Dopamine Reuptake. I’ve read that some women on Progesterone can actually come off of their anti-depressant. My depression is usually mild, so maybe that will be true. I’ve certainly gone off and on them for years. My main beef with them is the sexual side effects. Orgasms are elusive enough without adding a medical component. They weren’t when I was younger, so it might also be hormones. They do affect the general feeling of the area though. Bupropion is not as bad as Prozac of Cymbalta. I also hated the withdrawal of missing even one dose of Cymbalta. Shakey Brain.

Most of the forums on ANR are focused on the sexual aspects and some are really just about the kink, which is fine. The ones that have other information, such as this one, don’t seem to be as active. I think I’ll post some questions. I’ll post again when I have some changes to report.

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I’m trained as an artist with an emphasis in metalworking/jewelry. I used to wonder about breastfeeding and always thought it would be nice to share that with a partner. I just figured it wasn’t possible. Then somewhere I ran across some reference to induced lactation. That led to info about ANR. So I tried once before with very little success. I’m going to commit to it again.




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