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June 30, 2006 at 11:59am

Last night we had planned a 5 mile walk along the Eden valley - but it's pissing down so we need a change of plan. After a shower and coffee we drive to Keswick. To anyone used to living in the flatlands of Suffolk the scenery seems pretty dramatic.Image

At Keswick we visit 'A Puzzling Place' This is an exhibition of optical illusions. I shook hands with myself, rubbed Mr A out of existence, shrank and grew and performed the remarkable gymnastic feat of standing at a 30 degree angle. When I had finished laughing, we got back in the car and headed off to Windermere.

By now it had stopped raining but it was cloudy and very humid. Made a mistake here in that we parked 1 and a half miles from the lake - but we had already paid for parking - so off we set for another walk. When we reached the lake we found we had probably picked the most over-commercialized part of the lake to visit - so we took a few photos and headed back to the car. Image

From here we headed to Kendal - Kendal still has some independent shops. I manage to buy a fantastic tunic, hand embroidered in Turkey. It’s black with white stitching - I may wear it at the AA's posh conference dinner this year. We wander around Kendal, through the old and New Shambles, in and out of shops, spending money ;-) Eventually we head back to our hotel, it's late afternoon and finally the sun comes out but I am now too knackered to do that five mile walk. So another meal and drink in the pub, then more Lush, music and reading

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