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Wifaq confirming its commitment to the Majlis

August 7 at 9:27am

Wifaq confirming its commitment to the Majlis
In my previous post I exposed the true colors of Wifaq, that they are just one more front for the Majlis. This is now confirmed by the latest audio from Mufty Ebrahim Salejee.
It seems like the Wifaq members are having a competition amongst themselves who can outdo the other in lauding praises on their mentor. We first had Mufty Shabier Saloojee comparing the Majlis with Hazrat Abu Zarr Ghifari RA. Mufty Salejee goes one better and says that the Majlis is like Hazrat Abu Bakr RA.
He admits that previously he praised the Majlis, but not to so openly. He says now the time has come for him to say it openly.
The world did not know that Mufty Razaul Haq is not a Muslim, or that Mufty Taqi Usmani left the fold of Islam, or that Mufty Motara is a Murtad or that Moulana Taha died without coming back to Islam. It is a great blessing that we have the Majlis who has fearlessly brought to our attention these important rulings, otherwise we would all have been lost. The Majlis is brave to stand all alone on these issues, until a time will come when the others will also realize the truth and join him, just as how Hazrat Abu Bakr RA stood ace out on his position until a time came when all the other sahaba eventually joined him. The implication coming from the head of Wifaq is that it is only due to our lack of foresight and understanding that we still regard these Ulama as Muslims. Wifaq hopes that eventually we will join the chorus and also sing along that the Majlis is a great blessing to this ummah.
There is now no doubt that Wifaq is firmly in the Majlis camp. There is no room left to escape this conclusion.

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Mufty AK Hoosen’s Catch-22 situation

August 7 at 9:26am

Mufty AK Hoosen’s Catch-22 situation

Mufty AK Hoosen finds himself between a rock and a hard place. Whichever way he turns between the two choices below, he is likely to be exposed.

He is the student and khalifah of Mufty Razaul Haq from Darul Uloom Zakariya, Lenasia. According to Mufty AK, Mufty Razaul Haq is one the two most learned people in the world. Mufty AK makes it a point to regularly visit his ustaaz, and refers important maslahs to him. He holds his ustaaz in very high esteem. All this is well and good, and Mufty AK deserves praise for this.

Then recently according to Mufty AK, the Majlis is also one of the most learned people in the world. Mufty AK also has a very high regard for the Majlis. This has some history to it. When Mufty AK was with Cii, the Majlis wrote many strong words against Mufty AK. Everyone knows the kind of flowery language the Majlis uses, and he did not hold back his words when attacking Mufty AK. This was followed by the reaction. Mufty AK went on the offensive and starting taking swipes on air against the Majlis. He used to make comments that he visited PE, and he knows quite a bit about the Majlis and his family, and the picture about their social life is not very pretty. Therefore the Majlis better stop attacking him, otherwise there was much that could be exposed. After some time, Mufty AK made a u-turn. He went and apologized to the Majlis. Ever since then he has been an ardent and devoted supporter of the Majlis. He is fully in agreement with the stance and position taken by the Majlis, more particularly in their continuous war against Uucsa, Jusa and the like. He is firmly resolute and unapologetic about being in the Majlis camp.

Based on what instructions he receives from the Majlis, he goes on air to regularly attack Moulana Bham and company. He is very bold and robust in his onslaught. He has made it known that he is fearless in this regard, and he will not be influenced by fear, favor or prejudice. He does not care who says what. He claims that he is not puppet to anyone. Nor does he care what anyone thinks of him.

But this is where it becomes difficult to reconcile the two. You see, according to the Majlis, Mufty Razaul Haq is a murtad. He is not a Muslim. He renegaded and left Islam many years ago. And since that time there is no record of him repenting and coming back into Islam. Nor has the Majlis ever withdrawn his fatwa.

So where does Mufty AK stand? Is the Majlis right or wrong? It has to be one of the two. It cannot be both.

If the Majlis is right, then why does Mufty AK regularly visit a murtad? Can one receive khilafat from a murtad?

And if the Majlis is wrong, is it just a minor issue to call a Muslim and very learned aalim a murtad? Or is it a major sin? And if it is a major sin, what are the consequences of such a kabeera? Is the public allowed to follow a person openly committing a kabeera?

Mufty AK now finds himself in a very difficult situation. Where does he turn?

Usually on air he is on a high. He boasts that he does not fear anyone. But when it comes to the Majlis we will see the reality of such claims. It is unlikely that he will do anything. But if people have to put a lot of pressure on him, then in the best case scenario he will, with a very weak tone and a whimper say that I don’t agree with everything in the Majlis. That is the most he will be able to do.

He will never have the guts to go on air and say that the Majlis is wrong. He will not call it a major sin. He will at best water it down to say it is just a difference of opinion. Only he is allowed to use the “difference of opinion” card. If Jusa uses it, it is evil. But if Mufty AK uses it, it is holy. Why does Mufty AK not say I don’t agree with Maulana Bham, and lets leave it at that? Why does he take it further when dealing with Maulana Bham, but not the same with the Majlis?

When it comes to Maulana Bham and company, he says we must call a spade a spade. But when it comes to the Majlis, we must find some excuse for him. When it comes to Uucsa, he openly challenges them to make certain declarations. When is he going to go on air and publicly challenge the Majlis to acknowledge that his fatwa of kufr against Mufty Razaul Haq was wrong? When it comes to Jusa, he behaves likely a roaring lion. When is he going to show manhood in confronting the Majlis and defending the honor and dignity of his ustaaz? Or will the mere thought of crossing swords with the Majlis get his pants wet?

Maulana Bham and company definitely have their faults. We are not saying they should not be criticized. But do so with an even hand. Mufty AK knows that if he has to take on the Majlis, he will reappear on the front page with titles of faasik, faajir, kaafir, murtad, etc. Maulana Bham is on the other hand a soft target, therefore Mufty AK can use him as a punching bag.

The public have a right to ask why there are double standards. Where has the bravery gone? Who is pulling his strings from behind?

Will Mufty AK accept that in certain issues the Majlis is far from the balanced path and is clearly an extremist? Or will just pretend that everything is honky-dory. Let’s see!

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Wifaq showing its true colors

August 7 at 9:25am

Wifaq showing its true colors

Wifaqul Ulama was formed fairly recently.

Amongst its influential members is Moulana Dawud Seedat. He has an old relationship with the Majlis, which can be traced back to when his father used to have a close bond with the Majlis. Moulana Dawud holds the Majlis in very high esteem. This is despite the fact that his sheikh Moulana Yunus Patel RA had a very moderate approach, and was often the victim of the Majlis’ vitriolic language.

Moulana Moosa Olgar is one of the crucial role-players in Wifaq. He also is a committed follower of the Majlis, and often boasts about the fact that the Majlis twice visited his home in Isipingo Beach overlooking the sea. Moulana Olgar gladly signed the affidavit written by the Majlis when they took on Sanha. He is an ardent supporter of the Majlis.

Mufty Yakoob Vallie is a die-hard admirer of the Majlis. He firmly holds that the Majlis is super-special, and therefore no form of criticism can even be made of the Majlis, no matter what he does or says.

Mufty EMH Salejee of Estcourt is an unwavering champion of the Majlis. At least twice a year, and sometimes more often, the Majlis makes it a point to visit Mufty Salejee at his home in Estcourt. Mufty Salejee entertains him with great esteem, and regards him to be the senior most scholar in the country, if not the world.

Given this background, when Wifaq was still in its infant stage, and when its formation was still being deliberated, Moulana Bham and Co. were already sending out messages that this new organization would be just another Majlis mouthpiece. It is well known that there are scores of paper organizations that serve as fronts to advance the Majlis outlook. With the aim of discrediting the new body, the JUSA clique highlighted the strong link between some of the Wifaq members and the Majlis, in order to instill fear in the public that Wifaq was merely an extension of the Majlis. They portrayed Wifaq as just one more paper organization serving as a Majlis’s handmaid.

Now we need to see whether there is any truth to this, and whether Wifaq is really advancing the Majlis ideology.

The more moderate Ulama had some hope that Wifaq would carve out a middle road between the two extremes. We have on the one side the modern and liberal teachings of UUCSA, JUSA and their cronies. Then on the other end we have the Majlis. The expectation was that Wifaq will carve out a path in the center and speak out against both extremes. Sadly, this is not what happened.

Moulana Bham and Co. are easy punching bags, so Wifaq threw a few punches in that direction. But they simply do not have enough testosterone to even think about taking on the Majlis. Given the fear factor, we can expect that it will never happen in a thousand years.

Wifaq is now showing its true colors, and is displaying to the world that it sides with the Majlis.

Recently, an audio clip of Mufty Shabier Saloojee did it rounds on Whatsapp. In this clip Mufty Saloojee is heard praising the Majlis, to the extent that he compares the Majlis to a senior Sahabi. He explains that the difference between the ordinary Ulama and the Majlis is like the difference between ordinary Sahaabah and Hazrat Abu Zarr Ghifari RA. Both were correct, but Hazrat Abu Zarr had a higher level of taqwa. Similarly, the Majlis is also right, but his level of taqwa is higher, that is why people cannot seem to understand him.

The Majlis mureeds were celebrating. For years this is what they were waiting for. Finally there is a confirmation that our Hazrat is more superior to all the Ulama in this country. And this is being endorsed by the most senior member of Wifaq. It was a day to celebrate. The truth has finally come out.

Then we had another voice clip of Mufty Ebrahim Salejee of Isipingo Beach, where he lauded huge praises on the Majlis and emphasized that we need to appreciate the great contribution that the Majis has made. He went on to tell the public that they will not readily understand why the Majlis says what he says, but that they need to sit with him and ask him, after which they will understand. This too was widely circulated by the Majlis mureeds as a direct approval for all the Majlis stands for.

Moulana Abdul Hamid said in his bayaans that we should regard the Majlis to be more sincere than ourselves. It is due to our insincerity that we cannot reach to the level and degree of understanding that the Majlis has.

It is not clear where in the Wifaq structure Mufty Motara and Mufty Razaul Haq fit. They were invited as speakers at the Wifaq jalsahs.

Mufty Motara is no doubt a very senior Mufty of our country, and a renowned ustaad of Hadith. All his students hold him in very high esteem. Yet, in the eyes of the Majlis, he is not a Muslim. He is a murtad and has long ago left the fold of Islam. From the time the Majlis has declared him to be a murtad, there has not been any retraction or any announcement of a change in position. Hence it is safe to assume that the Majlis still regards him to be a murtad and one who is out of the fold of Islam.

A similar position applies to Mufty Razaul Haq. He is looked up as a very high ranking member of the Ulama, both locally and internationally. The Majlis has a while back written him off as a murtad and that he is out of the fold of Islam. In short, he is not a Muslim and there is no record of him coming back into the fold of Islam since that time.

This stance of the Majlis is well known to the Wifaq top brass. Yet, instead of standing with Mufty Motara and Mufty Razaul Haq, they appear to be throwing these two Muftys under the bus and siding with Majlis.

Then we have the case of the late Moulana Taha Karaan RA. He was well known for his knowledge and made valuable contributions both in combatting shiasm and promoting the Shafi mazhab. He had hundreds of students and was well revered in Ulama circles. He was also the target of Majlis’ venomous language and no stone was left unturned in declaring him out of the fold of Islam.

We also have the issue of the internationally respected Mufty Taqi Usmani. He is looked upon as one of the most senior Deobandi Ulama alive and is honored both in the subcontinent and the Arab world. The Majlis has not minced his words when he declared Mufty Taqi to be a non-Muslim, a murtad and one who is out of the fold of Islam.

Moulana Taha RA was the principal of his madrasah and an ustaad of Hadith. He had hundreds of students who graduated under him, and many Ulama took ijaazah of Hadith from him. The other three Ulama are presently serving in a similar position as very senior ustaads of Hadith.

There is no problem if anyone wants to criticize any of these four Ulama. That is perfectly acceptable, provided it is done in a respectful manner. The issue of concern is one of unjustifiable takfeer.

Looking at it from the angle of your average Majlis mureed, it is simply mind boggling how the administration of these madrasahs could employ non-Muslim teachers to teach the final year kitaabs which are regarding as the culmination of the entire study program. Day in and day out students are sitting in front of kuffaar tutors, who are imparting the sacred knowledge to them. The last link from which these students are receiving the chain of narrations is through non-Muslim teachers who are pretending to be Muslims. What then can one expect from such students!

The underlying message now coming out of Wifaq is that we know that such a picture exists in the minds of the Majlis mureeds, we are aware of the unjustifiable takfeeri fatwas that have been issued, but despite all of this we still regard the Majlis to be our senior. He is to be lauded with a thick layer of praise and people should be encouraged to follow the Majlis. Mufty Salejee has taken it one step further, and in his voice clip has indicated that the problem lays with you the reader. The Majlis is correct in what he says. It is you the reader who cannot understand the Majlis. You need to sit with the Majlis and ask him. Once you get the explanation from him, you will be able to understand that all the fatwas of takfeer he made is in fact fully justifiable. Mufty Shabeer Salojee put the cherry on the top to say that the Majlis is comparable to a Sahabi. The takfeeri fatwas are based on some kind of super-taqwa, for which he cannot be blameworthy. If your taqwa improves to his level, you too will give the same takfeeri fatwas.

So is Wifaq just another Majlis mouthpiece? Early indications are that they are certainly his cheerleaders and support him in his unjustifiable takfeer.

Before JUSA and UUCSA go off celebrating, it is needs to be said that whilst Wifaq’s position is disappointing, to put mildly, that does exonerate JUSA and UUCSA from their wickedness. Both Majlis on the one side and Moulana Bham and Co. on the other side are extremists, just that they sit on different ends of the spectrum. And Wifaq is at the moment not showing signs of treading the independent and balanced middle path.

Maybe a new organization is needed to fill that vacuum?

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