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October 3 at 3:38am

Thank you for all of the interesting chicken stories and memories....I laughed a lot while reading them, I was able to picture each and every one of them. Very entertaining. And I think I missed Susa's skating chicken!

Marjie - Oh! How frustrating!!! Having appointments, waiting for someone to show up.....and no one ever does! There is no such thing as customer service or having a good work ethic, anymore. More and more, it seem that people don't get their jobs because they are qualified, but rather because of who they know or are related too! It's the world we live in now a days.


Nanny - There you go, sounding like me, again! More and more, I have been working at "letting go"....but it's so hard! I have had a small amount of success with letting go in one area, and I find that I'm so much better off because of it. I keep on working at other areas, too. If I ever find the "off" button, I will let you know. I think Susa's picture at the top of the page says it all!

I hope you enjoyed your time with Helen and Michael. Getting out and spending time with others can be a nice change of pace....helps to make things interesting.


Judy - my heart breaks to hear of Betsy's unknown health issues. I understand how helpless it feels to want to do the right thing, but not knowing just what that is! I hope this other Vet can help her. Good luck!

And yes, we have a beautiful drive through the Ozark Mountains. I expect to see some fabulous colors soon!


Hilda - Muffin was a real beauty! Do you know what kind of cat she was?


Queenie - I'm so happy that things turned out ok with your Mom! That "not knowing" can be so stressful....and that's not good for either of you!


Kaunisto -I share your pain. I'm 100% computer dysfunctional! I can use one as long as it's behaving. Other than that, I'm lost!


Anne -Congratulations on such a beautiful GGS! Hugs & kisses to Avery!

I also enjoy stuffed cabbage, but I have a hard time getting them rolled up. My Aunt sent me a fantastic recipe for "Unstuffed Cabbage"'s the only way I make it, now.

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September 30 at 3:34pm

Ever since I was a little girl, I love to roller skate! As kids, Dio and I skated at the same's where we had our first date! Now, so many years later, we both still love to skate. We even volunteer at a roller rink, and go at least once a week, usually twice (or more)!

The rink that we go to is 80 miles away (one way) in Branson, MO. We take the scenic route, through the Ozark Mountains, stop for cappuccino, etc....and it takes about 2 hrs to get there. It's a nice part of our day out.

The rink is open to the public Friday and Saturday nights, but because of the long drive, we are never there at that time. In the winter we try to avoid driving at night when we seems like Bambi is everywhere, waiting to run out in front of us! Other than those 2 nights, the rink is also open to the public on Saturday afternoons (2-4).....that is our time slot. I work in the snack bar, and Dio is the deejay. The rink also does a lot of private parties. On Sundays there are b-day parties and/or church parties, and during the week there are sometimes school parties. Dio & I work any private party that is in the morning or afternoon. We have so much fun!

We are good friends with the owner of the rink, and we help them out with running the operation. We also get to skate whenever we want. We usually leave the house around 8:00-8:30 in the morning and get there around 10:00-10:30. That is my time to skate. Dio puts on my playlist, and I have the whole rink to myself!!! (knowing the deejay has it's advantages) It is sooooo awesome!! By the time that the owner gets there (1:00ish) we have everything set up and ready for the session. Of course, if there is a private party in the morning, then all off the above mentioned time frames get moved up.

Right now business is a little slow for the summer....lots of other things to do in Branson! LOL We are at the rink every Sat, most Sundays, and a few weekdays.

I am also the administrator for the rinks facebook page. Unfortunately, there are two fb pages, and we can't delete the wrong one (long story). The correct fb page is:
skateworld (branson, mo)

I have always said: When Dio and I met, our very first date was at a roller rink. Our very last date will also be at a roller rink! ❤

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How I became Trila

September 23 at 4:20pm

First, I'll start by giving a little background info:
There are 3 big lakes in Missouri that flow into each other. This part of the state is commonly referred to as the Tri-Lakes area. Many businesses use this term as part of their name. In Springfield, there is a car dealership called "Tri-Lake Chrysler Dodge Jeep". This dealership had a series of commercials on TV. The commercials ere animated, and they featured Roger (the owner) and his dog. The dog's name was a play on words. They used the word Tri-Lake and moved the space the dog's name was Trila Ke. She was adorable! Being animated, she was a talking dog and she was always pestering Roger. The first commercial in the series had Trila Ke jumping up and down saying "happy-happy-happy!" I used to love this commercial....every time that I saw it, it made me laugh! All of the commercials in the series made me laugh, but my favorite was always the first one.

Ok, how I got my name....
Did you ever have one of those days? You know the ones that I mean...the kind when nothing goes right? Well, one evening Dio was in the living room waiting for the news, I was washing dishes in the kitchen. I had had one of those days, I was tired and crabby. Dio called for me to hurry into the living room to see the TV. There was my favorite Trila Ka commercial. Even though I was in a bad mood, I started laughing. At the same time, I wanted to be like Trila Ke. At that exact moment, I realized that I get to choose my attitude. I choose how I will go through life & how I react to the things that happen to me. I CHOOSE TO HAVE TRILA KA'S ATTITUDE!!!! That was the day that I became known as Trila.

To me, Trila is not a is an attitude!! The best compliment that I have ever had is when people who know me in real life, tell me that the name suits me perfectly! :)

Unfortunately, I have never been able to find that first commercial on YouTube, but her is a link to one one the other commercials in the series. I bet you fall in love with Trila, too!

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