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How I became Trila

September 23 at 4:20pm

First, I'll start by giving a little background info:
There are 3 big lakes in Missouri that flow into each other. This part of the state is commonly referred to as the Tri-Lakes area. Many businesses use this term as part of their name. In Springfield, there is a car dealership called "Tri-Lake Chrysler Dodge Jeep". This dealership had a series of commercials on TV. The commercials ere animated, and they featured Roger (the owner) and his dog. The dog's name was a play on words. They used the word Tri-Lake and moved the space the dog's name was Trila Ke. She was adorable! Being animated, she was a talking dog and she was always pestering Roger. The first commercial in the series had Trila Ke jumping up and down saying "happy-happy-happy!" I used to love this commercial....every time that I saw it, it made me laugh! All of the commercials in the series made me laugh, but my favorite was always the first one.

Ok, how I got my name....
Did you ever have one of those days? You know the ones that I mean...the kind when nothing goes right? Well, one evening Dio was in the living room waiting for the news, I was washing dishes in the kitchen. I had had one of those days, I was tired and crabby. Dio called for me to hurry into the living room to see the TV. There was my favorite Trila Ka commercial. Even though I was in a bad mood, I started laughing. At the same time, I wanted to be like Trila Ke. At that exact moment, I realized that I get to choose my attitude. I choose how I will go through life & how I react to the things that happen to me. I CHOOSE TO HAVE TRILA KA'S ATTITUDE!!!! That was the day that I became known as Trila.

To me, Trila is not a is an attitude!! The best compliment that I have ever had is when people who know me in real life, tell me that the name suits me perfectly! :)

Unfortunately, I have never been able to find that first commercial on YouTube, but her is a link to one one the other commercials in the series. I bet you fall in love with Trila, too!

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