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Date Registered: 02-2004
posticon New Forum Rule Regarding Events & Meet-ups

If any member is in doubt or requires clarification of the existing set of rules, please don't hesitate to contact the Admin Team by email for clarification. We would only be glad to explain these rules to you and make them clearer if needed.

Dear Members,

As our forum grows and the number of organized outings and off-road trips increases, it is very important to remind all participants regarding their insurance policy update and knowing exactly where they stand should the un-thinkable happen during one of those events.

This new forum rule is mainly targeted towards new members of the forum who decide to join these events and who may not know about the importance of covering themselves with their insurance before they decide to tackle the rough terrain out there.

The new forum rules as follows:

1. The Australian X-Trail Forum requests all event organizers to clearly display and post a link to the existing "warning message" which can be found HERE.

This link should appear in the first post of every off-road (or beach) event that is being organized through the forum.

2. ALL members attending or being involved in ANY off-road event are to read and agree with the forum disclaimer HERE. Every member attending MUST make a post acknowledging their agreement and confirming they have read the announcement.

I appreciate your help in enforcing this rule and ask that all current scheduled and/or planned off-road events are updated to include this information.

Last edited by jalalski, 4/Sep/2009, 10:14 am


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