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Bible Note Quote: "Here I am, like Moses, but much less worthy, on the "backside of the dessert" as it were, and while peering across the apparently barren landscape of my life there is a burning bush that captures my attention and my heart. The fire of the bush corresponds with the fire in my heart and I cannot help but follow... The fire still burns!"
quote from The Fire of God's Word Still Burns! ~ ~ (see former quotes here: Bible Note Quote Archives)

(This quote should be changed periodically. So come back and see another quote soon.)

Purpose: To glorify God and to help souls on the way to Heaven

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Bible Notes Message Board Rules

Bible Notes Message Board Rules

1. Types of Posts Allowed: All posts -- where posting is allowed -- should be made relative to the purpose(s) of this message board (given below) and found elsewhere throughout this message board). Whenever in doubt, try to use common sense and read the forum and topic names and descriptions.

Purpose of this message board: The purpose of this message board is to provide an outlet for my Bible Notes and preaching/teaching ministry. Ultimately, the purpose is to glorify God, and to help people to make the journey to Heaven. (quoted from the Welcome message)

2. No hateful and contentious/argumentative posting will be allowed. Contradictions and divergent doctrines and etc. will generally not be allowed. If one desires to argue, please find a board where this is allowed or start your own free message board here at Runboard. emoticon

If you want to know whether what you want to post is in harmony with allowed doctrines, you may read the Statement of Faith. If you would rather not take the time to read the Statement of Faith, or if you are in doubt, you can make your post as a new topic, which will be automatically hidden. Then it will be unhidden by the BibleNote Writer if it is approved for this board.

3. Discussion?: This is not really a place for all sorts of discussion, but some discussion may be allowed in the Main Chat forum. All discussion should be polite and considerate and within the stated purpose(s) of this message board.

Limited discussion may be allowed in the Bible Questions forum for the purpose of shedding light upon certain questions. Also, an Off Topic topic will be provided within the Main Chat forum for some things that do not properly or specifically fit in elsewhere in this message board -- though even there, the rest of these rules still apply. Requesting clarification on certain Bible teachings -- or what I consider to be such -- may be done in the Bible Questions forum.

4. The BibleNote Writer reserves the right to delete, edit and/or move topics and replies as he sees fit for the purposes of this message board. In accordance with this rule, and because of some inappropriate behavior by a few (not here but elsewhere experienced), I am testing the True Moderation option available here in Runboard. This feature automatically hides all new topics. This means that the Head Administrator will "unhide" a post if it is deemed appropriate for this message board.

5. Crude language, cussing, profanity, or using of God's name in vain (including Jesus Christ, Whom I also believe to be God -- as the Bible teaches) will NOT be allowed.

6. Off-color and immoral discussions are NOT allowed. The BibleNote Writer will be the judge of what is off-color and what is immoral.

7. All Biblically-prohibited Behavior is Prohibited. Generally, if the Bible treats certain behavior as sin, then it will not be allowed to appear here in written or image form. For example: being cruel to your fellow man goes against the teachings of the Bible and such treatment of others in written form is forbidden here as well. Another example: describing various biblically-forbidden types of sexual behavior in a favorable manner (or even lustful thoughts expressed here) are strictly forbidden.

Enough said I think, but these rules are subject to the BibleNote Writer's further editing.

EDIT/NOTE: Unless I make a mistake in the security settings, the only way to post in the forums where posting is allowed will be to have a Runboard user ID and to be logged into Runboard.

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Sincerely Yours in Christ,
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Bible Notes
written to glorify God
and to help souls
on the way to Heaven.
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