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Peter Horsley's interview with Mr Janus

I have finally got hold of a copy of Peter Horsley’s book, Sounds From Another Room. I have often read the tale of Horsley’s encounter with a man named Mr Janus who he claimed was an alien. But most reports have been sensationalised, in paranormal magazines or on TV documentaries. So I was ecstatic to get my hands on the book, and finally read Horsley’s firsthand account of his encounter with Janus.

First off Horsley claims he made the acquaintance of someone called General Martin, no first or second name, through a man called Sir Arthur Barrat, former Air Chief Marshal. Horsley described General Martin as an old friend of Barrat. Martin then contacted Horsley to arrange a meeting in a flat in Smith Street, Chelsea, London.

  It was whilst visiting this flat that Horsley encountered a woman called Mrs Markham, again no first name. Mrs Markham showed Horsley through to a dimly lit room, where Mr Janus was waiting for him. Horsley states ‘It was difficult to describe him with any accuracy, the room was poorly lit by two standard lamps and for most of the time Janus Sat in a deep chair by the side of a not very generous fire’
  After introductions were made, Horsley claimed that Mr Janus wasted no time in asking him how much he knew about flying saucers. Janus listened to what Horsley had to say before being asked what his interest was, to which Janus simply asked back. ‘I would like to meet the Duke of Edinburgh.
  Horsley replied that this would be difficult as to the nature of the man he wanted to meet.

Both men then went on to talk about flying saucers and the distances they would have to travel in order to get here. Mr Janus explains that science available to us at the time i.e. the 1950s would not make it possible for interstellar travel. However in a century maybe man would have developed the technology to travel within his own solar system. Janus also goes into detail about travelling at speeds close to the speed of light, it does get a bit over complicated, considering scientists have just claimed they have broken the light barrier.

  60 years since this interview and we’re still no closer going back to the moon, let alone manned exploration of the solar system.

Mr Janus then goes into great detail about our place in the universe, and our belief in a god, and that this is something embedded in the DNA of all species, Janus explores the notion that god is universal, not some kind of all powerful being as how many cultures on Earth view him.

Both men also go on to the subject of life elsewhere in our galaxy, to which Janus claims that there are thousands of planets which have life, some primitive, some way more advanced than life on earth.

  Horsley’s account is very detailed, too much for this post maybe, but it has solved a few riddles concerning the encounter which has been told many times over.

  Horsley claims he tried to go back to the flat a few nights earlier for a second meeting, but there was no sign of Janus, Mrs Markham, and even this General Martin vanished off the face of the earth. It does raise the question of not just one alien encounter but three. Horsley claims that Janus stated that it is very easy for an alien species to walk among us humans.

  I do have a few problems with his account, one of which is the speculation of thousands of different life forms in our galaxy. If you look back on our way of thinking sixty years ago then a scientist speculating life on other worlds would have probably said the same thing, given the level of technology at their disposal back then. The telescopes used back then were nowhere near as powerful as they are now. The belief now is that there are billions of planets in our own galaxy alone capable of supporting life.

 As for whether or not I believe Horsley, well let’s just say he writes a very interesting story.
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