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The Matches

The Matches

classification: paulian

(behind the scenes image provided by Jess)


The Matches are one of the objects on the lighted table in the Order of the Reunification temple. They appear in The Comb and the Box when Dr. Martin Ruber is indoctrinated into the Order of the Reunification.

The powers of The Matches, if they exist, are completely unknown.

The Matches consist of a paper matchbook containing typical tear-out safety matches. On the cover is the Sunshine Motel Logo. The matchbook has a curious anachronism first noted by a member of The Collectors, exyooper. The striker is on the back rather than the front as was usual for 1961 matches. After 1973 a federal mandate required that the striker be on the back of all matchbooks*.

The matches can be made using this template created by Paulv70 and updated by Chucklbunny:



*Anatomy of a Matchbook

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