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Brief Chucklbunny Interview with Kevin Pollack

Our Chucklbunny had an opportunity to ask a small handful of questions directly of Kevin Pollack. Here is the interview:

1. Karl Kreutzfeld is a character who’s willing to risk everything and kill anyone who gets in his way to get his son back. Where did you find the inspiration to project that so convincingly?

1. It's always seemed to me that the love between a parent and child is not only one of DEEPLY felt love and devotion, but one with a level of protective instincts that go deeper than any other love.
Based on that, it was just a matter of making the dramatic moments as real as possible.

2. Kreutzfeld was a hardnosed practical businessman, and apparently a good judge of character. Yet, he was seeking seven magical objects in order to resurrect the dead. Was it difficult to make this combination of characteristics believable?

2. Regardless of the stakes, any role with this many complexities demands that I simply make choices that are as truthful and authentic to any given moment in the story as possible. Not to over-simplify, but it's all I know how to do: make it real. I've always found that it's absolutely key, if you want the audience to relate to the situations that you are playing. Draw them in by keeping it relatable.

3. Kreutzfeld is a great part, but the character himself is something of a scoundrel. Do you ever feel any discomfort or internal resistance to playing a character like that?

3. Most actors will say tell you, the more evil the character the more enjoyable the job. One of the reason for this is that it's SO different from any of our mostly mundane lives. The trick, once again, is to make believable, real choices in how to play the moments.
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